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Grow Your Business: Become a Dealer for Healvet and Boditech

Welcome to our dedicated page for businesses looking to expand their horizons by becoming dealers for two of the most trusted brands in veterinary care: Healvet and Boditech Medical. Our programs are specially designed for smaller businesses on the West Coast and across the USA, providing an excellent opportunity to grow with us.

What We Offer:

  • Healvet Dealer Program: Exclusively for West Coast businesses, this program allows you to become an approved seller of the Healvet 3000 Canine Progesterone Analyzer, a leading product in canine health technology.

  • Boditech Medical Dealer Program: Available to businesses in all states across the USA, this program offers the chance to distribute the Vet Chroma Canine Progesterone Analyzer, another top-tier product in veterinary care.

Benefits of Joining Our Dealer Programs:

  • Expand Your Product Range: Introduce high-demand, quality canine health products to your customers.

  • Increase Your Market Presence: Leverage the strong brand reputation of Healvet and Boditech Medical to attract a broader customer base.

  • Receive Full Support: Benefit from comprehensive training, marketing materials, and customer support to ensure your success as a dealer.

Ideal for Businesses That:

  • Are looking to diversify their offerings in the pet care or veterinary market.

  • Have a passion for providing top-notch products and services in canine health.

  • Want to collaborate with leading brands and be part of a growing network.

How to Apply:

  • Simple and Streamlined Process: Fill out our application form, available on this page, to express your interest.

  • Personalized Review: We carefully evaluate each application to ensure our brands align well with your business goals and capabilities.

  • Join Our Network: Approved dealers will enjoy the prestige and benefits of representing Healvet and Boditech Medical.

Why Choose Our Brands?

  • Industry Leaders: Healvet and Boditech Medical are renowned for their innovation and quality in veterinary care.

  • Market Growth Opportunities: With products in high demand, you'll be positioned to capture significant market share.

  • Competitive Edge: Stand out in your market by offering exclusive, top-of-the-line products.

Interested in becoming a dealer for Healvet or Boditech Medical? Click on the respective links below to explore each program in detail and start your journey towards business growth and success!

Healvet Dealer Program | Boditech Medical Dealer Program

Join us in shaping the future of veterinary care. Apply now and take the first step towards expanding your business with our reputable brands!

Approval for each program is based on specific criteria to ens

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