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Semen Extender and Shipping

At, we are dedicated to providing the most advanced and reliable dog breeding supplies in the market, specifically tailored to meet the needs of professional breeders and veterinarians focused on canine reproduction. Our goal is to empower you with the tools and knowledge necessary to achieve breeding excellence, ensuring the success and vitality of your breeding program.

Introducing the Canine Express Cool Semen Shipping Box

Understanding the complexities of canine reproduction and the critical role of semen shipping in successful breeding programs, we proudly showcase the Canine Express Cool Semen Shipping Box. This product represents the pinnacle of innovation in the safe and efficient transportation of canine semen, ensuring that your valuable genetic material reaches its destination in optimal condition.

Designed with precision and care, the Canine Express Cool Semen Shipping Box is equipped with state-of-the-art cooling technology to maintain the perfect temperature for preserving semen viability during transit. Whether you're looking to expand your breeding program across distances or access superior genetic lines, this shipping box is an indispensable tool in your dog breeding supplies arsenal.

Why Choose the Canine Express Cool Semen Shipping Box?

  • Optimal Temperature Regulation: Engineered to keep semen cool for up to 72 hours, providing a stable environment that safeguards semen integrity.

  • Complete Shipping Solution: Comes with everything needed for secure semen shipping, including syringes, transport tubes, coolant pack, and an insemination kit.

  • User-Friendly Design: Simplifies the semen shipping process, ensuring ease of use for both seasoned breeders and those new to canine reproduction.

Explore Our Comprehensive Guide

To further assist you in utilizing the Canine Express Cool Semen Shipping Box, we invite you to watch our detailed video guide. This resource is designed to instill confidence in your semen shipping endeavors, demonstrating step-by-step how to effectively use the shipping box alongside other critical dog breeding supplies, such as the Hoek Labs Extender.

By viewing this instructional video, you'll gain valuable insights into:

  • Preparing the semen for shipping

  • Utilizing the Canine Express Cool Semen Shipping Box for maximum semen viability

  • Best practices in canine semen shipping

Discover More in Our Canine Semen Shipping Category

Beyond the Canine Express Cool Semen Shipping Box, explore our extensive range of products in the canine semen shipping category. From the highly effective Hoek Labs Extender, designed to enhance semen preservation, to a variety of other supplies for dog breeding, we have everything you need to support your canine reproduction efforts.

Whether you're delving into how to breed a dog, seeking to improve your current breeding program, or looking for the best dog breeding supplies, is here to support your journey towards reproductive excellence.

Visit our canine semen shipping category today, watch our informative video guide, and feel confident in choosing the Canine Express Cool Semen Shipping Box and other premium supplies for dog breeding. Elevate your breeding program with – where quality meets innovation in canine reproduction.

Enhancing Canine Reproduction: A Training Guide to Hoëk Labs' Innovations

Welcome to a comprehensive exploration of Hoëk Labs' cutting-edge products designed to revolutionize the canine breeding process. At, we're committed to offering solutions that not only streamline breeding practices but also ensure the health and vitality of canines. This guide serves as both an instructional resource and an introduction to products that can significantly enhance breeding outcomes.

Canīnus-EXT™: Elevating Semen Preservation

Canīnus-EXT and Canīnus-Ext™ 10X represent the pinnacle of chilled semen extender technology. Developed to support both short-term (3 days) and extended preservation, these extenders are crucial for maintaining sperm viability during storage and shipping. Let's delve into their features and application:

  • Advanced Protection: Formulated to combat temperature variations and oxidative stress, these extenders ensure sperm cells are safeguarded throughout the shipping process, preserving up to 70% of initial motility.

  • Shelf Life & Storage: Boasting a 2-year shelf life when stored at 40°F, Canīnus-EXT™ products require no mixing, ready to use right out of the package.

  • Application: Ideal for international and domestic shipping, these extenders contain an antibiotic for added safety, eliminating the need for egg yolk or dairy, making them a healthier choice for semen preservation.

Canīnus-Artificial Insemination Enhancer™: Boosting AI Success

The Canīnus-Artificial Insemination Enhancer™ is designed to optimize the artificial insemination process, especially beneficial when dealing with low quality or volume semen samples.

  • Enhancing Motility: This enhancer significantly increases sperm motility, maximizing the chances of successful conception.

  • Health-Conscious Formulation: Free from animal protein and dairy, it aligns with modern health standards while including an antibiotic for enhanced safety.

  • Ease of Use: Its ready-to-use formula simplifies the AI process, ensuring ease and efficiency for breeders.

Hoëk's Artificial Insemination Flush: Safeguarding Sperm Viability

Hoëk's Artificial Insemination Flush is a game-changer for pre- and post-AI procedures. Its gentle yet effective formulation ensures the intravaginal walls are optimally prepared for insemination, without compromising sperm health.

  • Usage & Storage: Refrigerated until use, it should be warmed to match the canine's body temperature for optimal results.

  • Application Instructions: Administered via an insemination implement, it's available in varied volumes to accommodate all sizes of dogs. This flush not only cleanses but also enhances sperm motility, ensuring a conducive environment for successful breeding.

Training and Application

At, we believe in empowering breeders and veterinary professionals with not just the tools, but also the knowledge to use them effectively. Each product from Hoëk Labs is accompanied by detailed instructions and best practices to ensure you can fully leverage their benefits.

Why Choose Hoëk Labs Products?

  • Precision and Reliability: Each product is meticulously designed to meet the specific needs of canine reproduction, ensuring high success rates in breeding programs.

  • Innovation and Safety: Our solutions are at the forefront of reproductive technology, offering safe, effective, and health-conscious alternatives to traditional methods.

  • Support and Training: supports each sale with comprehensive training materials and customer support, ensuring you can maximize the potential of each product.


Hoëk Labs' product line represents the intersection of innovation, safety, and efficacy in canine reproduction. Whether it's through extending the viability of semen, enhancing sperm motility, or ensuring the optimal environment for insemination, these products are designed to improve breeding outcomes significantly. By incorporating these solutions into your breeding program, you're not just investing in the success of current litters but also in the health and vitality of future generations.

For detailed training, support, and to explore these revolutionary products, visit Join us in revolutionizing canine reproduction, one successful breeding at a time.

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