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Pet Brooder 90 Rental from - Your Complete Solution for Caring for Newborn Puppies!


Package Overview:

  • Duration: 2-week rental
  • Price: $599.99 plus a $650 (refundable deposit to be invoiced at the time of contracts)
  • Shipping: Covered both ways, including UPS pickup for eligible customers
  • Signature-Only Delivery: Ensuring secure handling


    Main Equipment (Must Be Returned):

    Pet Brooder 90: The heart of this bundle, this world-class small animal puppy intensive care unit offers:

    • Humidity Control: Ensures an optimal environment for newborns.
    • Temperature Control: Maintains a constant and comfortable temperature.
    • Light Control: Mimics natural day-night cycles.
    • Easy Access Sliding Cover Door: Convenient access for monitoring and caring for puppies.
    • Negative Ion Regeneration and Air Purification: Keeps the air clean and fresh.
    • Easy-to-Clean Pull-Out Bottom Tray: Makes maintenance hassle-free.


      Return Process and Deposit:

      • The deposit of $650 is refundable after the safe return and inspection of all equipment.
      • You will never be responsible for damages during shipping.
      • Our team will reach out to you after purchase to finalize contracts and confirm shipping details. Please ensure that billing and shipping information matches.


      Our Pet Brooder 90 Package Rental is designed to provide the best possible care for your litter without the need to purchase all the equipment upfront. We understand the importance of ensuring the well-being of your puppies, and this comprehensive package is here to support you during this critical time. Feel free to contact us with any questions or to initiate your rental today!

      Pet Brooder 90 Puppy/Kitten Intensive Care Unit "Rental"

      SKU: PB90R01
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