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Introducing the Canine Express Disposable Semen Shipper, a state-of-the-art solution designed to revolutionize the way canine semen is transported for artificial insemination purposes. This comprehensive kit, originating from the United States, embodies the pinnacle of convenience, safety, and efficiency in canine semen shipping, making it an indispensable addition to your collection of dog breeding supplies.

Product Overview:

The Canine Express Semen Shipping Kit is meticulously assembled to cater to the nuanced needs of professional dog breeders and veterinary practitioners engaged in the field of canine reproduction. Each kit is equipped with essential components, including syringes, transport tubes, a coolant pack, and a 9” insemination kit, all housed within a durable shipping box complemented by a Styrofoam cooler for optimal temperature regulation.

Dimensions and Weight:

  • Total Shipping Weight: 4 lbs, ensuring a lightweight yet robust package.
  • Dimensions: Length 14", Width 10", Height 8", crafted to accommodate all necessary components while maintaining compactness for shipping ease.

Key Features:

  • Extended Cooling Capability: Designed to cool up to 72 hours, the Canine Express Semen Shipper ensures the viability of canine semen is preserved throughout transit, a critical factor in successful artificial insemination.

  • Comprehensive Insemination Supplies: The kit includes two 15 ml capped tubes and two insulated tube sleeves for semen storage, two 10 ml syringes, and two 6" pipettes for semen handling, alongside two lubricating jelly packs and two Nitrile gloves to facilitate aseptic and efficient insemination procedures.

Utilization in Canine Semen Shipping:

The Canine Express Semen Shipping Kit stands as a testament to innovation in the realm of canine semen shipping, offering a streamlined solution that addresses the challenges of maintaining semen integrity during transport. Whether for domestic or international shipping, this kit ensures that high-quality semen reaches its destination ready for successful insemination, contributing significantly to genetic diversity and the enhancement of canine breeds.

Ideal for Professional Breeders and Veterinarians:

Recognized for its reliability and ease of use, the Canine Express Semen Shipper is the perfect choice for professional breeders aiming to expand their breeding programs beyond geographical constraints. Additionally, veterinary practitioners will find this kit an invaluable asset in facilitating reproductive services, underscoring the importance of having access to superior dog breeding supplies.

Benefits of Using the Canine Express Semen Shipper:

  • Maintains Semen Viability: By providing up to 72 hours of cooling, the kit plays a pivotal role in protecting semen from temperature-induced damage, ensuring its fertility potential is preserved.

  • Enhances Breeding Opportunities: The ability to ship semen safely and efficiently opens up new possibilities for breeding, allowing breeders to access superior genetic material from across the globe.

  • Supports Canine Genetic Diversity: Utilizing this shipping kit contributes to the genetic diversity of canine populations, promoting the health and vitality of future generations.


The Canine Express Disposable Semen Shipper is more than just a product; it is a comprehensive solution that embodies the fusion of practicality and advanced reproductive technology. As the field of canine reproduction evolves, having access to dependable supplies for dog breeding becomes increasingly important. By choosing the Canine Express Semen Shipper, breeders and veterinarians not only ensure the safe transport of valuable genetic material but also take a proactive step towards the future of canine breeding excellence.

Visit to explore this and other essential supplies for dog breeding, and join the community of professionals dedicated to advancing the science and success of canine reproduction.

Canine Express semen shipping system

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  • The Canine Express Semen Shipper includes everything needed for safe, efficient canine semen transport: shipping box, Styrofoam cooler, coolant pack, 15 ml capped tubes, insulated tube sleeves, 10 ml syringes, 6" pipettes, lubricating jelly packs, and Nitrile gloves. Designed for the critical task of shipping canine semen for artificial insemination, this comprehensive kit ensures semen remains viable through up to 72 hours of cooling, making it a staple in dog breeding supplies.

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