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Dogzymes Estrus-mate for the Breeding Bitch Support Cycle Regularity and Positive Pregnancy Planning


Dogzymes Estrus-mate contains organic red raspberry leaf powder,  herbs and minerals as a nutritional source for the pre-breeding bitch. This product can be used between cycles to help normalize the cycle, used on an older bitch to assist in a successful cycle or used on a bitch who has had an irregular cycle. Completely natural, no fillers or preservatives. Feed daily in food for 1-4 months prior to expected breeding cycle.  

Guaranteed Analysis:  

  • Crude Protein min. 12%

  • Crude Fat min. 0.5%

  • Crude Fiber max. 5%


  • Peruvian Maca Powder

  • Selenium Yeast

  • Organic Raspberry Leaf Powder

  • Norwegian Kelp

Suggested Usage for Dogzymes Estrus-mate: 

For the daily supplementation of Canine diets, stir into food or feed directly.  For best results, feed in every meal.

  • 1 - 10 pounds of body weight = 1/4 teaspoon daily

  • 20 pounds of body weight = 1/2 teaspoon daily

  • Over 40 pounds of body weight = 1 teaspoon daily per each 40 pounds

A 1 pound jar contains about 204 teaspoons and will last a 40 pound bitch approximately 6.5 months.

Dogzymes Estrusmate for the Breeding Bitch Support Cycle Regularity and Positive

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