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Made-with-organic-chicken treats your dogs were crazy about are BACK and better than before.  We have kept them the same high meat content standard, BUT we have taken them to a new level of nutritional value.  These new recipe treats are visually the same with great new benefits.  And great for dogs with mobility and joint issues or yeast problems.  Excellent for puppies and senior dogs. 

These are even better flavor with the same softer texture as before.  And we have balanced the calcium/phosphorus value to allow you to feed these knowing you are not throwing off the calcium/phosphorus ratio of your dogs diet.  You could feed ONLY these and not worry even with the high meat content. 

Provide a healthy, meat-based treat 
for your best friend! Made in USA!

  • Made with USDA Organic Chicken

  • Provides a healthy, meat-based treat with over 85%