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Newborn kittens and puppies need help going to the bathroom. While momma usually takes this job on herself, orphaned newborns aren’t so lucky. Wee Wipes are here to make this messy job—known as “stimulation”—not so messy. These fragrance-free, gentle wipes are safe on newborns’ sensitive skin and can help with stimulating kittens and puppies up to three weeks of age as well as the clean up afterward. Wee Wipes, formulated with aloe vera and vitamin E, can also be used all over to keep their skin and coats clean, healthy, and soft.

  • Specifically formulated to cleanse the delicate skin of newborn puppies and kittens.
  • pH-balanced and hypoallergenic.
  • Formulated to gently cleanse newborns’ skin while eliminating tough odors.
  • Wipes are unscented and free of harsh sulfates, parabens, and alcohol.
  • Perfect for all-body refresh as well as paws, face, ears, bellies, and rear ends.
  • Quick and convenient to use. Ideal between baths or on the go.
  • Package is easy to use and tightly seals to lock in moisture and freshness. After use, simply close the pouch to keep wipes moist.
  • Animal cruelty-free.

Fresh ‘n Clean Wee Wipes

SKU: 020279982067
  • Purified water, plant-derived cleanser, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, solubilizing agents, vitamin E, preservation agents to retain freshness.

  • Directions: Open re-sealable package and remove wipe. Gently wipe pet. May be used to stimulate puppies and kittens three weeks or younger for bathroom elimination. Safe for daily use all over pet’s body including paws, coat, face, ears, belly, and rear end. Can be used on pets of all ages. Discard wipe in trash after use. Keep package tightly sealed when not in use to prevent drying.

    CAUTION: Do not flush. Do not ingest. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

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