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Introducing the FT-886H Exam/Surgical Table with Heat, a V-top Operation Table that sets new standards in veterinary care. This state-of-the-art table, powered by a sturdy Danish-made lift column, is now available at or through phone at 800 658 5308. It's expertly designed to enhance the efficiency and precision of surgical procedures in your veterinary practice.


Key Features of the FT-886H Exam/Surgical Table:

  • Danish-Made Lift Column: The table is powered by a reliable and robust Danish-made lift column, ensuring smooth and stable height adjustments during critical surgical operations.

  • Telescoping Pedestal Style: The slim lifting column design provides extra leg space underneath and room for essential equipment like X-Ray machines, making it ideal for complex surgical environments.

  • V-Top Table with Advanced Features: Equipped with buffer hinges and an air spring, the V-top secures in place, providing flexibility and ease during operations.

  • Precision Heating System: Features an integrated heating system with accurate temperature monitoring and control, vital for maintaining patient stability during surgery.

  • Integrated IV Pole Mount: The IV pole mount is conveniently welded on, ensuring easy and quick access during surgical procedures.

  • Enhanced Waste Management: An improved waste channel and drain hole design facilitate better drain flow. The translucent bucket allows for visibility of waste collection, maintaining a clean and hygienic surgical area.

  • Water-Resistant Foot Pedals: Ensuring durability and safety, even in the most demanding surgical environments.

  • Sales Highlight: The FT-886H is not just a surgical table; it's a comprehensive solution for modern veterinary surgeries, combining functionality, safety, and convenience to enhance the quality of animal care.


Elevate your veterinary practice with the FT-886H Exam/Surgical Table with Heat. Visit or call 800 658 5308 for more information on how this advanced table can transform your surgical capabilities.

FT-886/886H Exam/Surgical Table with Heat

SKU: FT-886/886H
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