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The Heavy Duty Hose is the most dependable hose offered by XPOWER, designed for all models of the XPOWER Professional Force Dryer line. This hose has an extended life with durable TPE material and a steel spiral frame, which is resistant to deformation and high temperatures from force dryers producing heated air. Ideal for pet businesses who dry and groom dogs at a high frequency, with daily dryer operation of 4+ hours. *Requires Screw-On Nozzle Attachments.

  • Durability – Thermoplastic Elastomer material is lightweight with outstanding thermal and material stability
  • Flexible – No added stress to groomers’ wrists during drying
  • Versatile – Resistant to deformation, high temperatures, acids, UV, acids, and ozone damage
  • Safe – Fits XPOWER Screw-On Nozzle Attachments, which secures tightly to the hose
  • Compatible with XPOWER B-4, B-24, B-8, B-8S, B-25 and B-27 professional force dryers

Heavy Duty Hose for XPOWER Professional Force Air Pet Dryers

SKU: 848025012451
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