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Discover the future of canine breeding with Hoëk Labs' Complete Canine Collection & Artificial Insemination Combo Kit™. This innovative package provides a comprehensive solution, encompassing everything needed for the collection, transport, and artificial insemination of canine semen. The kit includes the Canīnus-Ext ™ Chilled RTU Short Term Extender, ensuring semen viability for up to three days, making it a valuable tool for breeders and veterinarians.

Key Features:

  • Innovative Canīnus-Ext ™ Chilled RTU Extender for extended semen viability.
  • Integrated system for efficient semen collection and insemination.
  • Reusable, thermally regulated aluminum container for safe semen transport.
  • Complete kit with thermometer, graduated vials, ice packs, and a thermal padded bag.
  • Optimized for 24-hour shipping, reducing costs and space compared to traditional methods.
  • User-friendly with step-by-step instructions for collection, transport, and insemination.

Utilization Guide:

  • Place semen in a 10 ml graduated vial, then into a 50 ml vial.
  • Prepare ice packs (freeze for 6 or 48 hours prior to shipping).
  • Return the semen to the canister with ice packs and thermometer.
  • Encase the canister in the aluminum cooler bag.
  • Ship the collected semen overnight using the provided box.

The Hoëk Labs Canine Collection & AI Combo Kit™ is a scientifically backed, cost-effective approach to canine breeding, ensuring high-quality semen management for successful outcomes.

Hoëk Labs Complete Canine Collection & AI Combo Kit: The Ultimate Solution in Ca

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