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Hoëk's Artificial Insemination Flush is a specialized, pH-balanced solution designed for veterinary use, particularly in the process of canine artificial insemination. It's formulated to safely rinse the intravaginal walls and orifices during drains and flushes, without harming sperm cells. This product stands apart from saline and similar products, as it's gentle enough to protect sperm cells and even aids in the motility of spermatozoa if breeding occurs shortly after use.

Usage Instructions:

  • Storage: Keep refrigerated.
  • Preparation: Prior to use, warm the Hoëk Artificial Insemination Flush to match canine body temperature.
  • Application: Using an insemination implement, administer the flush once it's warmed to body temperature.
  • Volumes: Start with recommended volumes - 5ml for small dogs, 10ml for medium dogs, 15ml for large dogs, and 20ml for extra-large dogs. Adjust as necessary.
  • Procedure: Post-insemination, you can either drain the flush using an implement or allow it to naturally drain. Repeat as needed.
  • Compatibility: Safe for use with sperm cells during subsequent insemination procedures.

This product is ideal for veterinarians seeking a reliable and safe option for canine artificial insemination procedures.

Hoek Veterinary AI Flush: Safe & Effective Canine Insemination Solution

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