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Canīnus-Ext ™ Chilled RTU Short Term (3 days) Extender Canine Extender 20ML


Canīnus-EXT by Hoëk Labs: Premier Canine Semen Extender

Introducing Canīnus-EXT, the latest innovation from Hoëk Labs, designed to set a new standard in canine semen preservation. This premium extender is uniquely formulated to be 100% free from animal proteins and milk, catering to contemporary health and dietary concerns.


Key Features:

  • Advanced Protection: Canīnus-EXT ensures the utmost safety of sperm cells during chilled storage and throughout the shipping process. It effectively shields against temperature variations and oxidative stress, minimizing any adverse effects during transit.

  • Extended Shelf Life: With a remarkable shelf life of 2 years (24 months) when stored at 40°F, Canīnus-EXT maintains approximately 70% of its initial motility, making it ideal for long-term storage and transportation.

  • User-Friendly: This ready-to-use extender doesn't require any mixing, offering a hassle-free experience that enhances the success rate of your shipments.

  • Specialized Design: Developed for optimal conservation performance, Hoëk Chill Canine Semen Extender is an excellent choice for both international and domestic shipping. It's egg yolk and dairy-free, and contains an antibiotic for added protection.


Available in 20 ML packages.


Contact Us: For more information about Canīnus-EXT and our range of services, please visit our website at or call us at 800 658 5308. Our team at Hoëk Labs is dedicated to providing top-tier reproductive solutions for the canine community.

Hoek Canīnus-Ext™: 3-Day Chilled RTU Short Term Canine Semen Extender, 20ML

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