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Milk Thistle Powder (8 oz) is a natural herbal supplement for dogs.  Milk Thistle is a way to support detox cleansing of harmful toxins from the body. 

Many benefits of Milk Thistle 

Support for the allergic dog 
Support skin health 
Support the normal function of vital organs like kidney and pancreas 


100% Milk Thistle Seed 4:1 Concentrate 

Typical Seed Analysis 

Protein   23.0% 
Fat         26.0% 
Ash        3.4% 
Fiber     4.5% 
Mg         2,225 ppm 
Ca         778.5 ppm 
Cu         108.3 ppm 
Fe         74.3 ppm 
Zn          69.4 ppm 


Mix into food or feed directly. For the best results, feed in every meal.  

20 pounds body weight - 1/4 teaspoon daily 
40 pounds body weight - 1/2 teaspoon daily 
80 pounds and over - 1 teaspoon daily 

per each 80 poundsEnclosed scoop holds 1/4 teaspoon to 3 teaspoons 

Milk Thistle Powder 100 percent pure 4:1 concentrate


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