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Powerhouse is made for the dog that wants or needs to Gain Muscle Mass,
Gain Healthy Weight, and Increase Strength.


      Along with 18 Essential Muscle Building Amino Acids that build new muscle, bone & tendon cells, and increase metabolism, stamina, and brain function. 

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      Ingredient Benefits

      Whey Protein Concentrate - Packed with all of the essential amino acids, Whey Protein promotes lean muscle growth and reduces inflammation while being extremely bioavailable.

      Animal Fat - Healthy animal fat plays a vital role in sustained energy for your dog. Dogs thrive from animal fat. Animal fats provide the most concentrated form of energy. They are typically identified on dog food bags as animal fat or beef tallow.

      Bone Marrow - Aside from these cells, bone marrow is rich in nutrients such as protein and vitamin B12, indispensable for your dog's proper growth and vigorous health. Bone marrow is a super tissue and harnesses its benefits for an enhanced diet.

      Beef Broth Protein - 98% Protein - 70% Collagen - Natural source of easily digestible protein.  Great for joints, as bone broth is a natural anti-inflammatory.  Fantastic Liver Detoxifier.  Promotes a healthy gut!

      Egg Protein - Are eggs good for dogs? Eggs are perfectly safe for dogs. Eggs are a great source of nutrition for your canine companion. They are high in protein, fatty acids, & vitamins that support your dog inside and out. 

      Powerhouse - 3lbs!

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