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Operation Mode


*THI(Tissue Harmonic Imaging)

*Real-time 2D and Color Dual Mode.

*Real-time 2D and Doppler Double Synchronization.

*Real-time 2D ,Doppler and Color triple synchronization.

*Free hand 3D imaging(Optional)

*Four-dimensional Imaging (4D Optional)

*Automatic measurement and analysis vascular intima 

*Extended imaging

*Compound Imaging

*Probe Interface:Two Active Probe Interface

*Multimedia and peripheral devices:Compact Disc-Recordable,USB portable storage device.

*Digital Printer / Video Printer / Laser Printer / Ink-Jet Printer

*Memory Function:Image Storage,Video Storage,Cineloop(≥300 Fram),Solid disk storage space≥120G.

*Puncture guide line:All kinds of probes can register puncture guide line function.

*The puncture guide line Angle adjustable and can be pre-defined.

*Language:Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, French.

*Ultra-sonographyHigh-precision digital continuous beamformer: The fine ultrasonic beam control effectively removes the side-lobe noise, greatly improves the spatial resolution and contrast resolution, and exquisitely displays the entire organizational structure. Dynamic Frequency Fusion Imaging Technology: Adaptive control of the near field to the far field of the launch, receiving frequency, strong penetration and high-resolution images are the perfect combination.High-precision delay point-by-point dynamic receiver focus: Point-by-point high-precision delayed focusing on the entire image, showing real, delicate organizational information.Ultra-ideband imaging technology: According to different characteristics of the crowd, you can choose the best center requency.Adaptive image optimization processing technology: Based on the currently received tissue signals,digital parameter optimization is automatically performed to present a more perfect ultrasound image.THI tissue harmonic imaging technology: Ultrasonic emission at a lower frequency, and receive the echo signal of the second harmonic signal imaging, to ensure good penetration at the same time, enhance tissue imaging resolution, and to maximize the elimination of artifacts.Precise SRI adaptive speckle noise suppression  An adaptive speckle noise suppression algorithm based on precise image recognition not only smoothes peckle noise but also preserves the features of tissue structure.



Measurement / Calculation

--General Measurement

--B mode: distance, area (track method, rectangle method, ellipse method), perimeter (track method, rectangle method, ellipse method), volume (double plane method, area length method, ellipsoid method), angle, ratio, stenosis rate.

--M Mode:Slope, ratio, stenosis rate, heart rate, time.

--D Mode:Doppler blood flow measurement, velocity, acceleration, pressure gradient, time, velocity integral, pulsatility index, resistance index.

--Gynecological measurement and analysis

--Uterus, endometrium, ovary, cervix, follicle measurement.

Obstetric measurement and analysis:

GS gestational sac, CRL head and hip diameter, LV spine length, BPD biparietal diameter, OFD Occipital bone frontal bone diameter, HC head circumference, TAD transverse abdominal diameter, LVW lateral ventricular posterior angle width, HW cerebral hemisphere width, TCD cerebellar lateral diameter , IOD intraocular diameter, OOD external eye distance, BD binocular distance, APTD DBH, TTD transverse DBH, AC abdominal circumference, APD antecedent abdominal diameter, FTA trunk cross-sectional area, HL humerus length, ULNA ulna length, RAD radial length, FL Length of femur, length of tibia, length of fibula of FIB, multiple calculation of APTDxTTD, length of clavicle of clavicle, dysplastic hip (measured hip angle), etc. The gestational age, fetal weight and expected date of birth can be calculated.

Urology measurement and analysis

Prostate volume, bladder volume, residual urine volume, volume of prostate transitional area, hip angle measurement and assessment (neonatal hip dislocation diagnosis), cross-sectional measurement (V-Slice method).

Small organs and Peripheral Blood Vessel Measurement and Analysis

The main measurement and analysis of vascular cross-sectional area, heart rate, per volume, flow per unit time, ejection time, stenosis rate, average velocity of blood flow, RI resistance index, PI pulsatile index.

Measurement report

Obstetric measurement report, gynecological measurement report, cardiac measurement report, urinalysis and other measurement reports. Automatically store measurement results and generate reports symbol

≥95 kinds of symbol position markers with probe position.Through the intuitive body mark detail interface quickly select the body mar.Text markup, presettable text content.Arrow mark, support multiple arrow marks and adjustable direction


Color Doppler Diagnostic Ultrasound System Model with 3C6C Convex array transducer (2.5/3.5/4.5/H5/H6 MHz), 15 inch LCD Screen

Pro-Color Doppler Ultrasound System

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