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Tasty Powdered Ginger & Fermented Turmeric Dog Food Topper - Supports Joint Inflammation, Allergies, Gut and Digestion - Helps Reduce Swelling(5.25 oz)


About this item

  • PAIN & INFLAMMATION SUPPORT: Our supplement contains curcumin from fermented turmeric, which helps reduce swelling and inflammation in your pet's joints. Turmeric Plus has its own scientifically proven curcumin transporter for enhanced absorption!
  • DELICIOUS NUTRITION: Turmeric Plus for dogs and cats is a fermented turmeric and ginger food topper that boosts your pet’s health. These powerful ingredients are boosted by the fermentation process, increasing their antioxidant power!
  • HIGH ABSORPTION POWDER: Treats and chews can prevent absorption but powder can deliver enough active ingredients to significantly impact pet health! Our topper is the only whole-root product to make real changes supported by research.
  • ORGANICALLY MADE IN THE USA: To support your dog’s health, we use only the highest-quality ingredients. There are no sugars, dyes, preservatives or animal grease. All of our health and nutrition products are proudly made in Texas!
  • SCIENCE-TO-SHELF PET NUTRITION: At Rogue Pet Science, we feel obligated to produce the healthiest, most cost-effective pet supplements available. We use science and data to develop innovative products that address nutrition, health, and performance.

ROGUE PET SCIENCE Turmeric Plus for Dogs

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