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"SH-101 Veterinary Dry Biochemistry Analyzer: Precision Diagnostics for Canine and Feline Health"

Product Description:
Introducing the SH-101 Veterinary Dry Biochemistry Analyzer - a pinnacle of innovation, designed exclusively for the precise and efficient evaluation of your pet's health.


  • Comprehensive Testing Range: With the capability to perform a vast range of biochemical tests, the SH-101 covers everything from liver and kidney functions to overall health profiles for both canines and felines.
  • High Precision Technology: Equipped with advanced reflective photometry methods, it guarantees exceptionally accurate results.
  • Swift and Convenient: Deliver results in as little as 1-5 minutes, with the capacity to run up to 30 tests per hour.
  • Compact & User-Friendly: Featuring a 3.5" LED touch screen, built-in thermal printer, and LIS/HIS connectivity, the SH-101 is small in stature but mighty in performance. Its one-step loading and full-touch screen ensure a hassle-free experience.
  • Economical: Single-test flexibility means zero wastage, making your diagnostic procedures cost-effective.
  • Specifications:
    • Model: SH-202
    • Sample Type: Whole Blood
    • Dimensions: 239281224m
    • Voltage: AC220±22V, 50HZ±10HZ


  • Flexibility: Its small size requires a low sample volume (≤15μL).
  • Ease of Use: Complete training on a user-friendly iterative system in mere moments.
  • Connectivity: Seamless LIS/HIS integration ensures efficient data management and sharing.

Comprehensive Test Menu: The SH-101 offers an expansive range of tests including Veterinary Liver Function, Kidney Function, Preoperative Inspection, Canine Health Detection, and Feline Health Detection Kits. Each test provides detailed insights such as enzyme levels, minerals, and other biochemical parameters crucial for comprehensive health evaluations.

Make informed decisions about your pet's health with the SH-101 Veterinary Dry Biochemistry Analyzer - where technology meets accuracy.

Wondfo SH-101 Veterinary Dry Biochemistry Analyzer

SKU: SH-101
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