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A dewormer for small dogs and puppies. Triple Wormer is for the treatment and control of seven strains of hook, tape, and roundworms. This deworming medicine provides one of the broadest-spectrum dewormers available over the counter, helping ensure the health of dogs and puppies. Approved for dogs weighing 6-25 lbs. 

Triple Wormer Flavored Chewables 12CT For Small Dogs and Puppies

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  • Active Ingredients (in each chewable): pyrantel pamoate (30mg) and praziquantel (30mg)

  • Purpose: Dewormer for small dogs and puppies only (6-25Ibs).

    Dosage: Dog Weight                   Chewables

                       6-12 Ibs.                           1

                       12.1-25 Ibs                       2

                       More than 25 Ibs         Use the 114mg chewable

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