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UC-2007 Intensive Care Unit for Small Animals: Advanced Medical Care, Desktop Model

Introducing the UC-2007 ICU – a state-of-the-art intensive care unit meticulously designed for the specialized care of small mammals, including cats, dogs, and other similar-sized creatures. This model seamlessly blends advanced medical technology with the specific comforts these animals require.


1. Temperature Regulation: The unit's elite TSAAS heating system, complete with an overhead double-duct circulating mechanism and a thermostatic bed, guarantees uniform warmth throughout. Unlike conventional units that rely on compressor refrigeration, the UC-2007 emphasizes the well-being of its occupants. Its thermostatic bed employs the “cold compress refrigeration” technique, ensuring gentle, consistent cooling.


2. Humidity Management: The UC-2007 is adept at maintaining optimal relative humidity levels tailored to the needs of its residents. It can cater to a range of environmental settings, from high temperature with low humidity to a more humid ambiance.


3. Oxygen Precision: This ICU is expertly crafted to deliver rigorous oxygen treatments in an airtight chamber. It smoothly achieves and sustains an oxygen concentration of over 40%. If faced with emergencies, such as a sudden power outage or oxygen drop, an automatic vent springs into action to protect its inhabitants.


4. Smart Monitoring: With round-the-clock monitoring, the UC-2007 ensures your pet's surroundings are under vigilant surveillance. It detects any shifts in conditions and autonomously adjusts, functioning as an advanced medical apparatus.


5. Remote Oversight: Setting a benchmark in tech innovation, the UC-2007 permits veterinarians, technicians, and caregivers to remotely access the unit. They can control its features, monitor the internal environment, and even check on the animal's temperature via a digital interface.


6. Enhanced Purification: Cleanliness is paramount. This is why the ICU boasts a three-tier purification system: ultraviolet disinfection, negative ion purification, and an external fresh air cycle. This trio ensures the internal environment remains pristine.


Prioritizing the health and comfort of small animals, the UC-2007 Intensive Care Unit, Desktop Model is the pinnacle of care, solidifying its position as an indispensable tool for dedicated professionals and caregivers.

UC-2007 Intensive Care Unit for Small Animals: Advanced Medical Care

SKU: Uc-2007
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