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UC-2008D Full Bank ICU for Larger Animals: Dual-Level Care Beyond Compare


The UC-2008D ICU elevates animal intensive care to new heights. Specifically crafted for larger mammals, this double-stack, full bank version offers spacious dimensions while retaining the sophistication of the benchtop model. Spanning a vast 143.6Wx86Dx187, it grants larger patients ample room to recuperate in comfort.


Dual Compartments for Enhanced Care: With fully isolated double compartments on each level, separated by a middle divider, the UC-2008D maximizes care capability, accommodating multiple animals without compromising individualized attention.


Temperature Mastery: Harnessing the power of the TSAAS heating system, its double vent mechanism radiates consistent warmth. The unit's special thermo bed guarantees comfort, and with the state-of-the-art "Quick Air Cooling System," temperature adjustments are both rapid and precise.

Adaptable Lighting Solutions: From the clarity of exam white light for diagnostics to the healing touch of infrared light, the UC-2008D offers a spectrum of illumination options.


Uncompromised Oxygen and Humidity Control: Featuring an advanced O2 sensor and dedicated inlet portal, the unit excels in delivering precision oxygen treatments. External humidifiers and nebulizers work in tandem to regulate humidity, tailoring the environment for the unique needs of larger species.

Safety Paramount: Equipped with an emergency ventilation portal, the UC-2008D responds proactively during emergencies. The UV light combined with the negative ion system ensures the chamber remains pathogen-free, crucial for animals in recovery.


Air Purity Perfected: The ICU's commitment to a pristine environment shines with its UV disinfection and negative ion purification. An external fresh air cycle continually enhances the air quality, promoting faster healing.


The UC-2008D Full Bank ICU isn't just a piece of equipment; it's a haven of healing for larger animals. Its design and functionalities make it an irreplaceable tool for professionals aiming to offer unparalleled care.

UC-2008D Full Bank ICU for Larger Animals: Dual-Level Care Beyond Compare

SKU: UC-2008D
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