.Veterinary Progesterone MachineVet Chroma Progesterone Test Kit-includes 10 tests, buffers and chipProgesterone is the hormone which is produced by the maturing follicles of the female sex organ. Through progesterone testing, the time period of ovulation can be figured out. Every bitch will have a different level of progesterone.You can test for the progesterone either in a laboratory or at home. Many breeders prefer the latter method of testing as they would have gained expertise through the years of testing on several dogs.Types of Conditions for Which Progesterone Testing Machine Proves UsefulParturitionMatingSplit heatsDelayed pubertySilent oestrusHypoluteoidismAs you can see, a veterinary progesterone machine is very important among the breeders and is used as an effective tool for analyzing the different stages of production in bitches.The progesterone testing kits are generally pretty expensive, if you want a more affordable option, buy vet chroma progesterone machine from here. This test kit comes along with the buffers and chip. A total of 10 tests can be performed with one single box unit of this product.

Vet Chroma Progesterone Test Kit. 3 box limit per customer.