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The Wondfo PetLife Pro DX Canine Progesterone Analyzer represents the pinnacle of innovation in veterinary reproductive health technology. This specialized device is expertly designed to meet the rigorous demands of veterinarians and breeders, offering unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in progesterone testing for canines.


Key Features of the Wondfo PetLife Pro DX Canine Progesterone Analyzer:

  • Precision Testing: The Pro DX Analyzer features a highly accurate measurement scale ranging from 0-40 ng/ml, ensuring detailed and reliable progesterone level readings.

  • Rapid Test Incubation: With a swift incubation time of just 15 minutes per test strip, the Pro DX significantly reduces waiting time, thereby enhancing testing throughput.

  • Simultaneous Test Capability: This analyzer is designed to incubate and run multiple tests back-to-back, a feature that greatly improves workflow efficiency for busy professionals.

  • Wi-Fi Enabled: The Pro DX comes equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities, allowing users to easily access test results remotely, which is particularly useful in dynamic, multitasking environments.

  • Portable Design: An internal lithium-ion battery powers up to 800 tests on a single charge, making the Pro DX an ideal choice for both in-clinic and fieldwork. Its integrated carrying handle further enhances its portability.

  • Reliability and Support: Backed by a 1-year warranty, the Wondfo PetLife Pro DX Canine Progesterone Analyzer is a reliable choice for long-term use. Additionally, purchasers benefit from the comprehensive customer support provided by, ensuring assistance is always at hand.


The Wondfo PetLife Pro DX Canine Progesterone Analyzer is not just a tool but a crucial asset in the field of canine reproduction. Its advanced features, combined with its user-friendly design, make it a top choice for professionals seeking to streamline their progesterone testing processes and improve the overall efficiency of their breeding programs.

Wondfo Petlife Pro Dx Canine Progesterone Analyzer

SKU: WondfoPetlifeProDX
  • The scale of the Wondfo PetLife Pro DX is 0-40 ng/ml, which is specifically designed for canine progesterone testing. This range is crucial as it allows for accurate determination of a female dog's progesterone levels, a key factor in successful breeding.

    Understanding Canine Progesterone Testing:

    • Role of Progesterone in Canine Reproduction: Progesterone is a hormone that plays a vital role in the reproductive cycle of female dogs. Its levels rise significantly after ovulation and remain high during the fertile period, making its measurement critical for timing breeding.

    • Optimal Breeding Time: Progesterone testing helps identify the optimal time for breeding. The precise timing is crucial as dogs have a relatively short fertile period. Breeding too early or too late in the cycle can lead to unsuccessful mating or smaller litter sizes.

    • Increased Chances of Conception: By accurately determining the progesterone levels, breeders can increase the likelihood of conception. This is particularly important for planned breedings or when using expensive or limited semen, such as in artificial insemination.

    • Health and Safety: Understanding the progesterone levels also helps in monitoring the health of the female dog, ensuring that breeding is done safely and at a time that is best for her health.

    The Wondfo PetLife Pro DX's ability to accurately measure progesterone levels within the 0-40 ng/ml range makes it an invaluable tool for breeders and veterinarians. This level of precision helps in making informed decisions about the best time to breed, ultimately leading to more successful mating outcomes and healthier litters.

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