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Here at Wysiwash we've worked hard to develop a product that will hold up under extreme conditions, which is why we switched to a Flow Control Valve. One of the key components to the new Sanitizer-V’s design, the Flow Control Valve combines the functionality of the Pivot Connector, Flow Control Handle, and Male Quick Connector into one quality part. The Flow Control Valve is sturdy but lightweight with an attractive anti-corrosion coating.

The Flow Control Valve allows water to flow directly through the hose to the body of the Sanitizer-V. Users say it is less prone to mineral build up and is easier to use compared to the Flow Control Handle on the original model.

Owners of the original Sanitizer can upgrade their unit by detaching the Pivot Connector and attaching the Flow Control Valve.

WYSIWASH Flow Control Valve (New & Improved)

SKU: WYS-109
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