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Wysiwash Sanitizer-V with 9-Pack Jacketed Caplets: Revolutionizing Sanitation for a Cleaner Tomorrow!


⚠️ Available for shipping ONLY within the lower 48 states.


🌟 Top Features & Benefits:

🔹 Quick & Wide Coverage: Using our innovative hose-end sprayer, you can sanitize vast spaces, covering hundreds of square feet within minutes.

🔹 EPA-Registered Power: Armed with an EPA-Registered formula, our system is adept at obliterating viruses, bacteria, fungi, and controlling mold and algae.

🔹 Eco-Conscious Choice: Our concentrated Jacketed Caplets produce a biodegradable sanitizing solution that's harmless to humans, animals, and the planet. The resulting hypochlorite solution suits numerous sectors – from animal care and turf management to mold removal and outdoor recreation.

🔹 Versatile Application: Whether it's concrete, plastic, artificial turf, metal, wood, or gravel, Wysiwash offers a non-corrosive and eco-friendly cleaning solution.

🔹 Budget-Friendly Bleach Alternative: With our Sanitizer-V, sanitize over 60% faster than traditional bleach. One Caplet ensures up to 3.5 hours of continuous sanitization. At less than a penny per mixed gallon, it’s a perfect blend of efficacy and economy.

🔹 Patented Modern Design: Experience 21st-century sanitizing with our patented system. It offers a powerful jet stream, ensuring comprehensive cleaning, sanitation, and odor elimination. Thanks to the hydro-injection "venturi system", you get a solution that's up to 120x more potent than liquid bleach.

🔹 Effortless Usage: Wysiwash is not only effective but also user-friendly. Hook it to your hose, and you're good to go. Automatic dispensing ensures no fuss, no muss, and most importantly, no harmful residues.

🔹 Safety First: Safe even for pregnant animals, Wysiwash's formula is non-mutagenic, non-teratogenic, and non-carcinogenic.

🔹 Additional Features:Twist on/off valveAnti-corrosion, adjustable nozzleDurable design suitable for both cold and hot waterUp to 3.5 hours of continuous usage with Wysiwash CapletsAn impressive ORP rating of 750 millivolts, ensuring immediate pathogen destructionA 1-year warranty for peace of mind

🔹 Versatile Uses:Comprehensive bacteria and virus eliminationEfficient algae and mold treatmentHassle-free sanitation without scrubbing or bleach stainsPerfect for sanitizing facilities and equipment, without corroding themEPA-registered, USDA-approved chlorine treatment levelsFor a cleaner, safer, and more efficient environment, choose Wysiwash Sanitizer-V. The future of sanitation is here. Order yours now!


Wysiwash Sanitizer-V and 9-Pack of Jacketed Caplets

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    • Chlorine has been used in one way or another for over one hundred years as an effective yet affordable sanitizer. Chlorine used for disinfection is available in three different physical forms: solid (calcium hypochlorite), liquid (sodium hypochlorite), and gas (chlorine gas). The solid form (calcium hypochlorite -- the compound used in Wysiwash) is much less corrosive and exponentially more effective than liquid bleach (sodium hypochlorite) for reasons described below and causes less damage to agricultural produce and mechanical equipment than the other two forms. The gaseous form (chlorine gas), while effective, is quite dangerous and more complicated to use than the other two forms.

      Wysiwash utilizes hypochlorous acid, the most powerful active ingredient in chlorine solutions. It undergoes oxidation to affect the reproduction and metabolism of microorganisms. This results in immediate sanitization through the elimination of pathogens.

      Chlorine in each of its three physical forms kills microorganisms through a fairly simple chemical reaction. After chlorine is added to water, it breaks down into many different chemicals, including hypochlorous acid (HOCl) and the hypochlorite ion (OCl-). Both substances kill microorganisms and bacteria by attacking the lipids in the cell walls and destroying the enzymes and structures inside the cell, thus rendering them oxidized and harmless. The difference between hypochlorous acid and hypochlorite ions is the speed at which they oxidize. Hypochlorous acid is able to oxidize the organisms in several seconds, while the hypochlorite ion may take up to 30 minutes or longer.

      The levels of hypochlorous acid and hypochlorite ions vary with the solution's pH level. If the pH is too high, not enough hypochlorous acid is present and sanitization can take much longer than with a lower pH. Ideally, the level of pH in the solution should be between 7 and 8, which is typical for a water hose. Once the hypochlorous acid and hypochlorite ions are finished sanitizing, they combine naturally with another chemical in the environment, such as ammonia, or are broken down into single atoms. Both of these processes render the chlorine harmless, thus making Wysiwash completely biodegradable!

      For a thorough analysis of chlorination and disinfection, please refer to:

      Block, S.S(2000) Disinfection, Sterilization, and Preservation, 5th Edition NY: Lippincott, Williams & Wilkinscal.

      White, Geo Clifford (1998) Handbook of Chlorination and Alternative Disinfectants, 4th Edition NY: Van Nostrand Reinhold.

      WysiWash Versus Household Bleach

      Because of the pervasive misunderstanding and misuse of household (liquid) bleach, it is necessary to dispel two incorrect and dangerous assumptions associated with household bleach (sodium hypochlorite).

        Liquid bleach does not lose potency until you create a sodium hypochlorite solution.

        Liquid bleach is already a sodium hypochlorite solution and therefore loses its chlorine content continuously from the moment of manufacture. Most users of household bleach believe that it does not lose its strength until it is combined with water. Liquid bleach is already combined with water. In reality, users are diluting an already diluted sodium hypochlorite solution when they add water to it. Most bottles of bleach have lost HALF or more of their original chlorine content by the time of purchase! However, calcium hypochlorite, the ingredient used in Wysiwash, only loses 5% of its initial potency in eighteen months.

        Liquid bleach is a powerful and effective disinfectant.

        In reality, lye is the substance in bleach that makes bleach seem powerful because of all its negative effects. In order to stabilize the chlorine in the liquid solution, bleach manufacturers add lye to the solution, thus raising the pH of that solution to 11.5. Lye causes skin burns, noxious chloramine gas, and corrosion in equipment. Lye will kill some germs, but it requires a very long contact time, as well as a high concentration. Calcium hypochlorite, the ingredient in Wysiwash, contains no lye.

        For a chlorine solution to be an effective disinfectant, it must meet the chlorine demand. This is the amount of free available chlorine (FAC), often called hypochlorous acid or HOCl, needed to disinfect or oxidize organic matter before the FAC residual is achieved. If the required chlorine demand is not met, complete disinfection is not possible.

        As mentioned above, the strong disinfectant in chlorine is hypochlorous acid, which exists in only trace amounts when a chlorine solution has a pH level greater than 9. What mostly exists in household bleach solutions is the hypochlorite ion, which is up to 120 times less effective than hypochlorous acid as a disinfectant. Numerous studies prove this, including Kapoor, S.K., University of Illinois (1968) based on the book Disinfections and Sterilization written by G. Sykes (1965). This is why bleach has documented failures in eliminating dangerous pathogens like hepatitis and parvovirus. Again, the most effective substance found in chlorine, hypochlorous acid, barely exists in household bleach solutions because of its pH level! Wysiwash, a calcium hypochlorite solution, has a pH below 8.5, allowing for the maximum amount of hypochlorous acid, which results in a powerful sanitizer at an extremely cost-effective price.

        Balancing the many demands placed upon businesses and consumers by the microbial world with the budgetary realities and safety concerns of today is indeed a difficult task. Fortunately, that task is now made easier with the Wysiwash system. Wysiwash, the patented chlorine delivery system for use with solid calcium hypochlorite tablets, enables anyone to deliver USDA-approved levels of active chlorine at the end of any water hose in a safe and easy-to-use manner. It is indeed rare for a product of such innovation and effectiveness to arrive on the scene without requiring specialized training, certifications, or even electricity to begin safely using it. After reading the directions, the Wysiwash user can literally pick up the unit and begin sanitizing immediately, with little or no risk to the user or the environment.

        Based on solid dispensing technology, Wysiwash reduces shipping costs, spillage risks, environmental pollutants, storage space requirements, and the number of hazardous materials stored in the workplace and home. Just attach the Wysiwash to any garden hose end, point, and spray to deliver the most effective and affordable sanitizer available anywhere. Wysiwash reduces cleaning times by at least half, which directly saves money for both businesses and private consumers. Finally, Wysiwash is biodegradable, so there is no need to worry about dangerous residual material that can harm the environment. It is safe. It is simple. It is unsurpassed. It is time for you to wash your concerns away and enjoy the magic of Wysiwash, the ultimate cleaning solution.

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