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  • Versatile mobile water reservoir tank to be used with XPOWER’s FM-68W & FM-88W misting fan
  • Holds 90 liters or 23.7 gallons of water
  • Heavy-duty caster and wheels for easy mobility
  • Made of commercial PE rotational mold construction
  • Easy and stable mounting dock for FM-68W and FM-88W misting fan
  • Easy to set up and no need for a garden hose attachment for your outdoor misting needs

Introducing the XPOWER’s WT-90 mobile water reservoir to be used with our misting fan with water pump, like the FM-68W and FM-88W.  Heavy duty rotational mold construction, yet light enough for easy mobility, storage, and use with our misting fans.  Includes castor and wheels for easy placement and mobility.  Features an exclusive base for the FM-68W and FM-88W misting fans.  Makes it easy to dock and use for your outdoor event cooling.  Easy access reservoir makes filling and re-filling a breeze.  Holds 90 liters (23.7 Gallons) of water. 

XPOWER WT-90 Mobile Water Reservoir tank for FM-68W & FM-88W Misting Fan

SKU: 848025053782
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