Progesterone is one of the main hormones which is required for maintaining a pregnancy. When you understand how these hormone levels are changing, you can determine the best time to breed your dog for a successful pregnancy.


The level of progesterone is the best indicator of the ovulation time which gives out the information about the best time to breed. They also prove to be very helpful in determining the whelping dates in canines.


Types of Available Equipment for Progesterone Testing in Dogs

  • Ichamber

  • Progesterone Bundle-I-chroma (p4)

  • Vet Chroma Bundle

  • Vet Chroma Progesterone Test Kit

  • Vet Chroma Analyzer

  • Ichroma Progesterone test kit

  • Canine Progesterone Analyzer

  • Mini Centrifuge 10k Centrifugal Spinner

  • Single Channel Pipette 10- 100 uL

  • 1.5 ML Microcentrifuge Tubes

  • Pipette Tips 100 uL


If you are new in the breeding world or you just want a replacement, you can check out the equipment which we use for progesterone test for dogs. We offer a range of high-performance tools and machines which can go a long way in efficiently determining the progesterone levels in canines.

Pipette Training Video

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