Artificial Insemination & Transport


Artificial insemination is the process of artificially introducing a dog's semen into a bitch's vagina to impregnate the bitch. This technique was largely used with the cattle but now it has been widely used among the dog breeders as well.


Types of Products Used for Canine Artificial Insemination

  • Artificial insemination device

  • Blue pipette

  • Canine TCI device

  • Canine transport system

  • Next generation semen extender w/antibiotics

  • Next generation universal semen extender

  • Canine artificial insemination kit with blue flexible

  • Canine artificial insemination kit with a 9-inch straw

  • Canine semen transport system


All these canine artificial insemination supplies in USA can be acquired at the best prices. To maintain the price, the quality of these supplies has not been compromised. If you are a breeder and want to increase the gene pool among your dogs, you can employ this method as it is very safe and effective.