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Enhancing Canine Reproduction: The Breakthrough Canīnus-Ext™ 10X Long-Term Extender

Welcome to the latest innovation in canine reproductive technology: the Canīnus-Ext™ Chilled RTU Extender 10X from Hoëk Labs. This product marks a significant advancement in the field of canine semen preservation, offering unparalleled protection and extended viability for sperm cells during chilled storage and transportation.

Advanced Formulation

Canīnus-Ext™ 10X is a superior, long-term extender free from animal protein and dairy, specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of canine reproductive specialists. This formulation ensures that sperm cells are not only protected from temperature variations and oxidative stress during shipping but also maintain an impressive 70% of their original motility over an extended period.

Unique Features

  • Temperature and Oxidative Stress Protection: The extender is carefully crafted to shield sperm cells from the detrimental effects of temperature fluctuations and oxidative stress, common challenges in semen shipping.

  • Antibiotic Enhanced: Including an antibiotic in the formula adds a layer of safety, ensuring the semen is protected from potential bacterial threats.

  • Extended Shelf Life: With a 24-month shelf life at 40°F, Canīnus-Ext™ 10X offers extended usability, ensuring it's ready when needed.

Ideal for International and Domestic Use

Canīnus-Ext™ 10X is perfectly suited for both international and domestic semen shipping. Its protective qualities are paramount in maintaining high semen quality over longer distances and times, crucial for global canine breeding networks.

Application in Canine Breeding

This extender is an invaluable tool for professional breeders and veterinarians, offering a practical and highly effective solution for preserving canine semen for extended periods. Its ease of use, coupled with its scientifically-backed formulation, makes Canīnus-Ext™ 10X an essential component in successful canine breeding programs.

For the Canine Reproduction Professional

As professionals in the field of canine reproduction, the ability to maintain semen viability over long distances and periods is crucial. Canīnus-Ext™ 10X represents a significant step forward in achieving this goal. Its formulation is a testament to Hoëk Labs' commitment to providing the best in canine reproductive technology, ensuring high success rates in breeding programs worldwide.

In conclusion, the Canīnus-Ext™ Chilled RTU Extender 10X from Hoëk Labs is a groundbreaking product in the realm of canine reproductive health. Its unique properties ensure optimal preservation and protection of canine semen, making it a vital tool for professionals committed to the highest standards in canine breeding and reproductive success. Embrace this innovation and experience the difference in your canine breeding endeavors.

The Breakthrough Canīnus-Ext™ 10X Long-Term Extender
The Breakthrough Canīnus-Ext™ 10X Long-Term Extender


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