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How to Find the Right Vet Near You

Whether you’re a new pet parent or have recently moved, finding the right veterinarian for your pet is crucial for their health and well-being. Regular vet visits help your pet stay healthy and live their best lives. For dogs and cats, this includes annual wellness exams, vaccinations, dental exams, and clinic visits if your pet gets sick or injured.

Your veterinarian’s office may even be where you take your pet for grooming or to board overnight while you travel. Outside of the bond you share with your animal, your relationship with your vet is one of the most important ones you’ll have as a pet parent. How to Find the Right Vet Near You

Choosing a vet is an important decision, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Here are some tips to help you find a veterinary clinic near you that fits your needs.

How to Find the Right Vet Near You

When choosing a vet, consider factors like location, cost, and services offered. A quick internet search can help you find veterinarians nearby. From there, visit their websites or call them to find out what services they offer and whether they’re taking new clients.

Most small animal veterinarians will see cats and dogs, but exotic pets may need specialized veterinarians. Pet-specific vet directories can help you find the right vet for birds, reptiles, or other uncommon pets.

If you know you’ll need a new vet in the future, start the search as early as possible.

Make a List

Create a list or spreadsheet to keep track of each vet option. Note the pros and cons of each. Consider the following questions:

  • Are they taking new clients, or is there a wait list?

  • What is the driving distance from your house?

  • Do the business hours work for your schedule?

  • Do they accept walk-ins? How do they handle emergencies?

  • What are the costs of routine services like exams and vaccinations?

  • Do they charge exam room fees?

  • How much are dental cleanings or nail trims?

This information will help you narrow down your search to find a vet clinic that meets your basic needs.

Online Search and Reviews

Once you have your list, look at reviews and ratings on websites like Google, Yelp, and Facebook. Reviews from other pet parents can provide helpful insights into a veterinary office's quality of care.

Pay attention to vets with high ratings and take note of client experiences to get a sense of what to expect.

Ask a Friend

One of the best sources of information is your network of fellow pet parents. Ask friends, family, and neighbors about their vets. They can give you valuable recommendations based on their experiences.

Ask what they like and don’t like about the practice, as well as their overall satisfaction with the care their pets receive.

If you recently adopted your pet, ask the rescue or shelter for veterinarian recommendations.

Current Veterinarian Referral

If you’re moving to a new town or state, your current veterinarian may help you find a new vet. Veterinarians often have extensive networks and can provide referrals to colleagues in your new area.

When Should I Look for a Vet?

Finding a new vet can take time, especially with the current shortage of vets and clinic staff. Start the search early to avoid getting waitlisted.

Plan ahead for life events that might require a new vet:

  • Moving: Start searching for your next vet as soon as you know you’re moving.

  • Adopting a pet: Aim to start a relationship with your pet’s new vet ASAP.

  • Need for a change: If you’re not happy with your current vet, start looking before an emergency or illness strikes.

How to Find an Affordable Vet

Finding an affordable vet who provides quality care is possible. Ask about pricing transparency to understand the costs of different services and treatments. Many clinics can give estimates for routine services, tests, and diagnostics.

During any vet visit, ask about potential costs involved with your pet’s care. Thinking ahead and discussing pricing openly can help you make informed decisions while keeping affordability in mind.

If cost is a concern, check with your local Humane Society, ASPCA, or shelter to see if veterinary assistance or low-cost care is available.

Why Finding a Vet You Love Is Worth the Effort

Finding the right vet is essential for your pet’s well-being. Use online search tools, read reviews, ask friends for referrals, and get help from your current vet for recommendations. The process may take time, but thorough research will help you find a trustworthy, compassionate veterinarian who will be there for you and your pet for many years to come.

How to Find the Right Vet Near You
How to Find the Right Vet Near You


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