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Introducing the Wondfo Pro DX – The Future of Canine Progesterone Testing

Welcome to the next chapter in canine reproductive health - the Wondfo Pro DX Canine Progesterone Analyzer. As experts in canine reproduction, we at are excited to present this innovative addition to the Wondfo line.

Revolutionizing Canine Breeding with Advanced Technology

The Wondfo Pro DX stands out with its powerful lithium-ion battery, capable of performing up to 800 tests on a single charge. This feature alone makes it an invaluable tool for veterinarians and breeders who require consistent and reliable testing capabilities.

But that's not all. The analyzer’s user-friendly interface simplifies the testing process, making it quicker and more efficient. This ease of use is a game changer, allowing for more streamlined operations in veterinary clinics and breeding facilities.

Built for Convenience and Mobility

Understanding the need for mobility in veterinary and breeding settings, the Wondfo Pro DX is designed with a convenient grab handle. This portable design ensures that you can take your testing capabilities wherever they are needed, whether in a clinic, at a breeding facility, or in the field.

Moreover, the built-in thermal printer is a standout feature. It allows for immediate printing of results, eliminating the need for external printing devices and further streamlining the testing process.

The Importance of Progesterone Testing in Canine Reproduction

Progesterone testing is crucial in managing canine reproduction. The Wondfo Pro DX provides accurate and timely measurements of progesterone levels, which are essential for:

  1. Optimizing Breeding Timing: By identifying the optimal time for mating, it increases the chances of successful conception.

  2. Planning C-Sections and Labor: Reverse progesterone testing helps in accurately predicting when a female will go into labor, enabling planned C-sections for breeds that require them.

The precision of the Wondfo Pro DX ensures that you can make informed decisions, thereby enhancing the overall success rates of breeding programs.

A Step Forward in Canine Reproductive Health

At, we understand the significance of reliable and advanced reproductive tools in the field of canine breeding. The introduction of the Wondfo Pro DX represents our commitment to providing the best solutions to our clients.

For more information or to place an order, please contact us at 800 658 5308. Embrace the future of canine reproduction with the Wondfo Pro DX - a symbol of precision, efficiency, and technological advancement in the world of canine health and breeding.


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