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iSperm 5/6 Ovine Expansion Pack: Pioneering Sheep Reproduction

iSperm 5/6 Ovine Expansion Pack: Pioneering Sheep Reproduction

Sheep farming, a cornerstone of agricultural traditions, is experiencing a renaissance with the advent of technology. The iSperm 5/6 Ovine Expansion Pack is a shining beacon in this innovation wave, providing nuanced insights into ovine semen analysis, vital for wool, meat, and dairy sectors.

Key Insights from iSperm Ovine Pack:

Multi-Species Mastery: iSperm's adaptability is far-reaching and isn't limited to just ovines. Seamlessly analyze across an impressive species spectrum, encompassing equine, canine, caprine, murine, poultry, swine, bovine, cervine, and more, all with one powerful system.

Precision and Depth: Species-tailored parameters offer breeders an in-depth peek into ovine semen quality, ensuring a healthier lineage and robust offspring.

Data-Driven Insights: Concrete numerical feedback aids in crafting effective breeding programs, closely monitoring the genetic health and fertility trends within sheep populations.

Collection and Caution:

Obtaining semen from rams requires skill and care. Typically, an artificial vagina, pre-warmed and lubricated, is used, mimicking natural mating conditions. Rams are encouraged to mount a teaser ewe, and during the mount, breeders can redirect the ram's penis into the artificial vagina for semen collection.

Nevertheless, precision and a gentle approach are vital. Ensuring the ram isn’t stressed and ensuring cleanliness are paramount to obtaining uncontaminated, high-quality samples.

Evolving Farming and Wool Production:

For sheep farmers, the iSperm system signifies a paradigm shift. Wool quality is directly related to the health and genetics of the sheep. Through optimized breeding strategies, farmers can expect superior wool grades, meat quality, and overall herd health.

Conservation and Rare Breeds:

Sheep, like the "Soay" from the Scottish islands, are rare breeds with unique genetic structures. For conservationists, the iSperm system's insights are invaluable. By analyzing the semen quality of these unique breeds, breeding programs can be tailored to preserve and enhance these genetic treasures.


Whether a large-scale sheep farmer, a wool merchant, or a conservation enthusiast, the iSperm 5/6 Ovine Expansion Pack is a game-changer.

Are You Ready to Uplift Your Ovine Breeding Game? Explore the vast capabilities of the iSperm system. Visit or get in touch with our knowledgeable team at or call 800-658-5308. Step into the future of ovine breeding now!

iSperm 5/6 Ovine Expansion Pack
iSperm 5/6 Ovine Expansion Pack


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