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Klean Guard System - The Cleaning Revolution from, a leading online supplier in the breeding and veterinary industry, is excited to introduce the Klean Guard System – a revolutionary cleaning and disinfection solution. As a proud reseller, we bring to you the Klean Guard Pro-X Sprayer and Mini Smart Sprayer Combo Kit, a duo designed to tackle any cleaning challenge with ease and efficiency.

Unveiling the Klean Guard Pro-X Sprayer

The Pro-X Sprayer stands out with its ability to work in tandem with Chlorinated Disinfecting Tablets, making it a formidable weapon against a wide range of animal pathogens. Its high-pressure wash, shutoff handle, and multiple spray heads are engineered for maximum efficiency and control. The flexible rod ensures no spot is left untreated, while its proprietary technology sets it apart in the market.

The Klean Guard Mini – Compact Efficiency

Complementing the Pro-X is the Mini Smart Sprayer, a testament to convenience and rapid operation. Its compact design doesn't compromise on power. With a rechargeable battery, leak-proof design, and versatile application, the Mini is perfect for quick clean-ups and targeted disinfection.

Why Choose the Klean Guard System?

The Klean Guard system from is more than just a cleaning solution; it's a commitment to excellence in hygiene and efficiency. Whether you're a professional breeder, veterinarian, or a pet owner, these tools are designed to elevate your cleaning standards.

Experience the future of cleaning and disinfection with the Klean Guard system, available at Embrace the power of innovation and efficiency in your daily cleaning routine.

Klean Guard System - The Cleaning Revolution
Klean Guard System - The Cleaning Revolution


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