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Revolutionizing Canine Breeding: The Semen Extender for Dogs and Comprehensive Training Video

In the dynamic field of canine reproduction, the advent of innovative solutions like the semen extender for dogs is a significant game-changer. Understanding the nuances of these advancements is crucial for veterinarians and breeders aiming to optimize their breeding programs. With the introduction of Canīnus-Ext™ 10X by Hoek Labs, we're not just offering a cutting-edge product but also providing an invaluable educational resource. Our newly released training video is designed to illuminate the benefits and applications of this revolutionary semen extender, ensuring you have the tools and knowledge to excel in canine breeding.

Spotlight on Canīnus-Ext™ 10X: The Semen Extender for Dogs

Canīnus-Ext™ 10X, developed by Hoek Labs in the United Kingdom, is at the forefront of semen preservation technology. This semen extender for dogs is meticulously formulated to safeguard semen quality against temperature fluctuations and oxidative stress, ensuring optimal viability and motility. What sets Canīnus-Ext™ 10X apart is its advanced, protein-free composition, making it a safe and effective choice for all breeding practices.

Key Advantages of Canīnus-Ext™ 10X:

  • Enhanced Sperm Motility Preservation: Designed to maintain up to 70% of sperm motility over extended periods, Canīnus-Ext™ 10X significantly increases the likelihood of successful fertilization.

  • Incorporation of Antibiotics for Sterility: Including a carefully selected antibiotic, Canīnus-Ext™ 10X ensures a sterile environment for sperm, enhancing the safety and efficacy of insemination procedures.

  • Extended Shelf Life: Offering an impressive 2-year shelf life when stored at 40°F, Canīnus-Ext™ 10X provides breeders and veterinarians with increased flexibility in planning and executing breeding programs.

Mastering the Use of Canīnus-Ext™ 10X: Our Training Video

To complement the introduction of Canīnus-Ext™ 10X, we've curated a comprehensive training video that serves as an essential guide for veterinarians and breeders. This video showcases the step-by-step process of utilizing the semen extender, from preparation to application, ensuring you can maximize its benefits. By integrating the iSperm semen analysis system and the K9Reproduction semen warmer into the demonstration, we offer a holistic view of how Canīnus-Ext™ 10X fits into the broader context of canine reproductive technologies.

Why This Training Video is a Must-Watch:

  • Detailed Demonstrations: Witness firsthand how Canīnus-Ext™ 10X can revolutionize your breeding outcomes through practical, easy-to-follow demonstrations.

  • Expert Insights: Gain valuable insights from industry experts who share tips and best practices for using semen extenders effectively.

  • Enhance Your Breeding Success: Learn how integrating advanced semen preservation methods can elevate your breeding program's success rates and contribute to the advancement of canine genetics and health.

In summary, the introduction of Canīnus-Ext™ 10X and our detailed training video represent a significant stride forward in canine reproductive health. By harnessing the power of this advanced semen extender for dogs and leveraging the educational content we've provided, veterinarians and breeders are better equipped to achieve remarkable breeding success. Visit our website to explore more about Canīnus-Ext™ 10X and to access the training video that could transform your approach to canine reproduction.

Elevate your breeding program today with Canīnus-Ext™ 10X – where science meets success in the world of canine reproduction.


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