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Revolutionizing Canine Reproduction: Introducing Hoëk Labs' Advanced Reproductive Solutions

Revolutionizing Canine Reproduction: Introducing Hoëk Labs' Advanced Reproductive Solutions

In the realm of canine reproduction, achieving optimal breeding outcomes demands not only expertise but also the right tools and technologies. Recognizing this critical need, Hoëk Labs is proud to present its groundbreaking suite of products designed to enhance and protect canine semen, whether for chilled storage, shipping, or the insemination process itself. This comprehensive range includes the Canīnus-EXT semen extender, the Artificial Insemination (AI) Enhancer, and the innovative Vaginal Flush, each formulated with the latest advancements in reproductive technology.

Canīnus-EXT: The Premier Semen Extender

The Canīnus-EXT stands out as a premier, 100% animal protein & milk-free semen extender. Its formulation is specifically designed to safeguard sperm cells during chilled storage and throughout the shipping process, ensuring their viability even when faced with temperature fluctuations and oxidative stress. With a remarkable 2-year shelf life and the ability to maintain 70% of initial motility over the storage or transport period, the Canīnus-EXT extender is a testament to Hoëk Labs' commitment to quality and efficiency. Importantly, this ready-to-use (RTU) extender requires no mixing, streamlining the preparation process for breeders and veterinarians.

Canīnus-Artificial Insemination Enhancer™

Maximizing the motility of sperm is crucial for successful artificial insemination, especially when utilizing semen of suboptimal quality or quantity. The Canīnus-Artificial Insemination Enhancer™ rises to this challenge. Like the Canīnus-EXT, it is free from animal protein and dairy, includes an antibiotic for added protection, and boasts a 24-month shelf life. This enhancer is designed to significantly improve the success rate of AI procedures by boosting sperm motility, ensuring breeders can achieve the best possible outcomes.

Hoëk Artificial Insemination Flush

Rounding out Hoëk Labs' trio of innovations is the Artificial Insemination Flush, a pH-balanced formula tailored for rinsing the canine intravaginal walls and orifices during AI procedures. Unlike saline and other solutions that may harm sperm cells on contact, this flush is formulated to be potent enough for effective cleansing while remaining gentle on sperm cells. It aids in enhancing sperm motility post-insemination, providing an added layer of support to the breeding process.

Application and Benefits

Each of these products has been meticulously developed to make the canine breeding experience as successful and straightforward as possible. The RTU nature of these solutions means that they are ready for immediate use, eliminating the need for preparatory mixing and allowing for a focus on the insemination process itself. From ensuring the viability of semen during storage and transport to enhancing sperm motility during AI and providing a sperm-friendly environment with the vaginal flush, Hoëk Labs offers a comprehensive toolkit for breeders and veterinarians.


Hoëk Labs' introduction of the Canīnus-EXT semen extender, AI Enhancer, and Vaginal Flush represents a significant leap forward in canine reproductive technology. By addressing the critical aspects of semen storage, transport, and insemination, these products embody the cutting-edge of innovation in the field. For breeders and veterinarians dedicated to achieving excellence in canine reproduction, Hoëk Labs provides the tools necessary to realize their goals, ensuring the health and vitality of future generations of dogs. Discover more about how these revolutionary products can transform your breeding program by visiting our website and exploring our range of solutions designed with both efficacy and ease of use in mind.


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