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  • How long does my order take to ship? Can I get my order expedited?
    Standard shipping takes 3-7 days, unless otherwise specified. Unfortunately, we do not offer expedited shipping at this time.
  • I forgot my password, how do I login?
    Please Follow the "FORGOT PASSWORD" link. Keep in mind that when you create a password, you will receive an email that may end up in your "spam" folder.
  • How do I book a service?
    You can download our app or become a site member to book an appointment. You will receive 20 points instantly for becoming a member which goes towards free services! Please follow the "BOOK ONLINE" tab.
  • Do I have to become a member to book a service?
    If you would like to book a service without becoming a member you can call our office at 1(800)658-5308. We also accept walk-ins.
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