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Elevate your equine care to the next level with the Healvet Equine Analyzer! Compact, mobile, and lightning-fast, this cutting-edge tool is a game-changer for equine vets on the move. Imagine diagnosing key health parameters like ESA, Foal IgG, progesterone, and ACTH accurately in just 15 minutes, directly at the stable or field. Powered by smart Android technology and equipped with a dual-mode detection system, the Healvet offers precision at your fingertips, ensuring your practice can offer immediate, data-driven decisions for every horse, every time. With its rechargeable battery and lightweight design, it's the ultimate companion for mobile veterinary services, promising not just speed but also efficiency and reliability. Make every minute count and transform your approach to equine health with the Healvet Equine Analyzer—where innovation meets practicality.

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