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Heal Vet Progesterone Analyzer

Distribution Program

A Unique Opportunity for West Coast Businesses

Are you a business owner on the West Coast with a passion for enhancing canine health care? We have an exciting opportunity for you! As the master dealers of the Healvet line, renowned for its state-of-the-art canine blood analyzers, we are extending a limited number of dealership options to select businesses.

What We Offer:

  • Exclusive Access: Join our network as a sub-dealer and gain access to the acclaimed Healvet line of products.

  • Regional Focus: Currently, we are looking to expand our presence specifically on the West Coast, offering a targeted market for your business.

  • Support and Training: Benefit from our comprehensive support and expertise in the field, ensuring your success as a Healvet product dealer.

Ideal Candidates:

  • Established Businesses: We are looking for businesses with a solid foundation and a viable sales channel.

  • Dedication to Canine Care: A commitment to improving canine health care through advanced technology.

  • How to Apply:

  • Inquiry Submission: Interested parties are encouraged to fill out our application form. Please include details about your business and sales channels.

  • Review Process: Upon submission, our team will review your application. If your business meets our criteria, we will contact you to discuss the next steps in establishing a dealer account.

Why Join Us?

  • Enhance Your Product Line: Offering Healvet analyzers can significantly enrich your product offerings, attracting a wider customer base.

  • Grow Your Business: As a Healvet sub-dealer, you'll have the opportunity to expand your business footprint in the veterinary and canine health market.

We are committed to fostering strong partnerships with businesses that share our vision for advancing canine health care. As a Healvet dealer, you will be part of an esteemed network, leveraging our brand's reputation and expertise.

Submit your application today and take the first step towards becoming a valued member of our Healvet distribution program. We are excited to explore the possibilities with you!

Contact Us: For more information and to submit your application, please follow the link provided below. We look forward to the prospect of partnering with your business!

Submit Your Healvet Dealer Application Here

Note: This is a selective program, and meeting the criteria does not guarantee acceptance as a dealer. All applications will undergo a thorough review process.


Healvet Veterinary Immunofluorescence Analyzer HV-FIA 3000 Plus

Easy-to-use Vet Diagnostic Device

● Immunofluorescence technology 
● Testing time 3~15minutes 
● Easy-to-use touch-screen platform, multi-language operation system 
● Reagents stored at room temperature for 24 months 
● Maintenance free


Test Items

● Hormone: T4, TSH, Cortisol
● Fertility: cProg 
● Inflammatory Infection: cCRP, fSAA, eSAA
● Coagulation Markers: D-Dimer
● Diabetic Mellitus: HbA1c, fHbA1c
● Pancreatitis: cPL, fPL 
● Heart Marker: NT-proBNP, fNT-proBNP, Troponin I, ccTnI+cNT Combined test, fcTnI+fNT Combined test
● Kidney function:cCys-C, fCys-C

● Infections: CPV Ag, CDV Ag, CCV Ag, CPV/CCV Ag, FPV Ag, FCoV Ag, FHV Ag, FCAV Ag
● Antibody: CDV/CPV/ICH Ab, CDV Ab, CPV Ab, FHV/FCAV/FPV Ab, FHV Ab, FCAV Ab, FPV Ab , RV Ab, Toxo Ab

● Gastric function: HP (Helicobacter pylori)

● Ongoing: CPSE (Canine prostate specific esterase), AFP (Alpha-fetoprotein), Equine, ACTH Fructosamine

Distributor Application

Thanks for submitting!

Heal Vet Progesterone Analyzer
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