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  • How long does my order take to ship? Can I get my order expedited?
    Standard shipping takes 3-5 days, unless otherwise specified. If you are interested in expedited shipping please reach out to our chat support at (951)420-7332 so that we can get you a quote for expedited shipping.
  • I forgot my password, how do I login?
    Please Follow the "FORGOT PASSWORD" link. Keep in mind that when you create a password, you will receive an email that may end up in your "spam" folder.
  • How do I book a service?
    You can download our app or become a site member to book an appointment. You will receive 20 points instantly for becoming a member which goes towards free services! Please follow the "BOOK ONLINE" tab.
  • Do I have to become a member to book a service?
    If you would like to book a service without becoming a member you can call our office at 1(800)658-5308. We also accept walk-ins.
  • What is the Phone number to the direct Store/Office?
  • What Services do you offer?
    We offer Ultrasounds, Progesterone/Reverse progesterone testing, Artificial Inseminations, Semen Analysis, Semen Packaging, Deworming and Vaccinations.
  • Can we go into the store and buy products without an appointment?
    Yes you are welcome to come in at anytime during our regular business hours to buy products in store.
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