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"How To Breed Like The Pros"
Interested in learning how the professionals perform services such as Artificial insemination, Semen collection and Semen evaluation?
Check out our 
YouTube video "How To Breed Like The Pros" We are guided by Brytany.
Brytany is a reproductive 
technician with over 12 years experience in canine reproduction.
she is also a 
licensed ultrasound sonographer and specializes in canine sonography

"How To Pull Blood"
In this video we are joined again By Brytany.
She will show us the proper way to pull blood.
This is a very important step especially for anyone looking to purchase any Progesterone equipment. We have made this easy to follow video to ensure your success.

"How To Use Your Wondfo Progesterone Analyzer"
In this video we cover the process and procedure when using your new Wondfo progesterone analyzer.

"Aeolus model 1801 and 1803 puppy intensive care unit"
The Aeolus model 1801 is commonly referred to as the "Veterinary grade icu". The model 1803 is commonly known as the "Breeder icu". As far as amenities go both models offer the same superior build quality. Functionality difference between the two units simply comes down to the model 1801 comes standard with a build nebilaztion system to administer treatments internally contained. The model 1803 does not come equipment with and built in nebulizer and will require a stand alone external unit to administer any nebulizer treatments.

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