Ultrasound Equipment

TrueView is one of the leading names among the ultrasound machine industry for canines. The machines developed by us are highly durable and are high in accuracy and efficiency. They are very to use so that anyone can easily get a hang of the machine within no time.


We take the guesswork and employ our best methods to provide the imaging of the canine young ones through these machines. Any kind of abnormality during the pregnancy can be easily detected accurately with these ultrasound machines.


Many veterinarians and breeders have been using our ultrasound machines and never cease to get impressed by the results which it gives.


Types of Ultrasound Machine Available Here

  • TrueView 3000

  • Trueview LED Notepad Ultrasound

  • TrueView 5000 Ultrasound

  • Handheld Wireless 2D Probe

  • Touch Screen Vet

  • Pro-Color Doppler


We have a huge range of ultrasound equipment for sale from other brands as well which have been carefully selected so as to give the best results to the consumers. Browse through our options and select the one which suits your organization the best.