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Elevate Canine Care with the TV 5000 Mobile Veterinary Ultrasound Machine made with durability in mind from proudly introduces the TV 5000 Veterinary Ultrasound Machine, a cornerstone in veterinary ultrasound diagnostics tailored for canine reproduction. This advanced veterinary ultrasound scanner is an invaluable tool for veterinarians and professional breeders, providing detailed insights necessary for informed decision-making in canine care and breeding programs.

Advanced Veterinary Ultrasound Features:

  • Superior Image Processing: Leveraging γcorrection, digital filtering, and pseudo color processing, the TV 5000 veterinary ultrasound machine delivers high-definition images for precise veterinary diagnostics.
  • Dynamic Veterinary Ultrasound Focus and E-zoom: Features dynamic electronic focusing and E-zoom magnification, crucial for detailed veterinary ultrasound examinations of internal structures.
  • Extensive Veterinary Ultrasound Measuring Functions: Facilitates accurate veterinary ultrasound measurements crucial for gestational dating, fetal health assessments, and reproductive health monitoring.
  • User-Friendly Operation: Designed with radium caved and silicon backlit buttons and an intelligent fluorescence trackball for ease of use in veterinary ultrasound diagnostics.

Standard Configuration for Veterinary Use:

The TV 5000 veterinary ultrasound package includes everything needed to integrate veterinary ultrasound into your practice: a host machine, a convex or micro-cenvex array probe optimized for veterinary ultrasound (F=3.5MHZ), power adapter, a high-capacity Li battery, and USB port functionality.

TV 5000 Mobile Veterinary Ultrasound Machine

SKU: TV5000
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