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Introducing True View's Notebook Scanner Generation 2! 🌟

Looking for precision, flexibility, and the best in ultrasound technology? Dive into the future with our Generation 2 Notebook Scanner, your ultimate partner for unmatched imaging.

🔹 Crystal Clear Imaging: With a 12-inch HD LCD monitor and support for diverse probes like convex, linear, trans-vaginal, and micro-convex, see every detail vividly.

🔹 Versatile Display Modes: Choose from B/2B/4B/M/CFM/B+CFM/PDI/B+PDI/PW modes to suit every scanning need.

🔹 Light & Sleek: Boasting a thin notebook design, our scanner is portable without compromising on power.

🔹 Enhanced Imaging: Benefit from Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI), adaptive image optimization, and even optional 3D imaging.

🔹 Extended Battery Life: A large capacity rechargeable battery ensures you're never left hanging during crucial moments.

🔹 Storage & More: With a built-in 120GB SSD, editable report pages, and two active probe interfaces, your scanning process is streamlined like never before.

🔹 Multilingual Support: Whether you speak English, Spanish, Russian, or German, we've got you covered and more!

💡 BONUS: Every purchase now comes with an Online Zoom Training session to ensure you harness the full potential of your new ultrasound tool.

Want to know more? Dive into our Education Center and explore our expert ultrasound blogs.

Ready to elevate your imaging game? Reach out now at 📞 800-658-5308 or 📧 and be the first to experience the cutting edge of ultrasound technology!

TrueView's Notebook Scanner Generation 2 (color doppler)


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