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Progesterone Test Kits

Revolutionize Your Canine Breeding Program with Advanced Progesterone Test Kits

Welcome to the cutting edge of canine reproductive health and management. At the heart of successful breeding programs lies precise timing and informed decision-making, made possible through accurate progesterone testing. Understanding the crucial role of progesterone in canine reproduction is essential for breeders and veterinarians aiming to optimize breeding outcomes. Our comprehensive range of progesterone test kits, compatible with leading analyzers such as the Vet Chroma, Wondfo, and Healvet 300 Canine Progesterone Machines, offers a transformative approach to in-house testing.

The Science Behind Progesterone Testing in Canines

Progesterone is a key hormone in the canine estrous cycle, guiding breeders to pinpoint the optimal time for breeding. The hormone's levels begin to rise shortly before ovulation, signaling the fertile window when the chances for successful conception are highest. Accurate measurement of progesterone levels is therefore pivotal in planning breeding or artificial insemination, ensuring efforts are timed precisely to coincide with this fertile period.

Understanding the Canine Estrous Cycle:

  • Pre-Ovulation: Progesterone levels start low but begin to rise, indicating the approach of the fertile window.

  • Ovulation: Marked by a distinct increase in progesterone, this phase signifies the release of eggs and the start of the most fertile period.

  • Post-Ovulation: Progesterone levels continue to rise, peaking to sustain a potential pregnancy, making timely testing critical to confirm ovulation has occurred.

Why Opt for In-House Progesterone Testing?

  • Cost Savings: By conducting progesterone testing in-house with our test kits and compatible machines, breeders and veterinarians can save thousands of dollars annually on laboratory fees.

  • Immediate Results: Get fast, accurate readings that allow for immediate decision-making, eliminating the wait times associated with external lab testing.

  • Enhanced Breeding Success: Precise timing increases the likelihood of successful conception, improving the efficiency of breeding programs.

Our Selection of Progesterone Test Kits

  • Vet Chroma Canine Progesterone Machines: Known for their precision and reliability, these machines deliver quick and accurate progesterone level readings, essential for making informed breeding decisions.

  • Wondfo Canine Progesterone Machines: Compact and user-friendly, Wondfo machines offer breeders and veterinarians a convenient way to monitor progesterone levels with high accuracy.

  • Healvet 300 Canine Progesterone Machines: Offering cutting-edge technology, the Healvet 300 machines provide comprehensive hormonal analysis, supporting a broad range of reproductive management needs.

The Benefits of Choosing Our Progesterone Test Kits

Our progesterone test kits are designed for ease of use, accuracy, and reliability. Whether you're a professional breeder or a veterinary practitioner, these kits, along with our analyzers, provide a complete solution for your reproductive health management needs. By integrating these tools into your practice or breeding program, you're equipped to make data-driven decisions that enhance the success rate of breeding efforts and contribute to the overall health and well-being of the canines in your care.


Embrace the future of canine breeding and reproductive management with our advanced progesterone test kits. Offering compatibility with leading progesterone analyzers, our kits ensure you have the tools necessary to achieve precise timing and optimal breeding outcomes. Explore our selection today and discover how in-house progesterone testing can transform your approach, saving you time and money while elevating the standard of care you provide. Join the ranks of satisfied breeders and veterinarians who have already experienced the benefits of our comprehensive reproductive solutions.

Revolutionizing Canine Reproduction with VetChroma™: Precision Progesterone Testing for Optimal Breeding

In the intricate world of canine reproduction, timing is everything. Accurately gauging the perfect moment for breeding, insemination, and even planning for C-sections hinges on precise hormone level readings. Herein lies the value of VetChroma™, a state-of-the-art Canine Progesterone Analyzer brought to you by the innovators at This tool is not just a device; it's a gateway to enhanced breeding success, designed with both the professional breeder and the veterinary specialist in mind.

Unveiling VetChroma™: A Diagnostic Marvel

VetChroma™ redefines the approach to canine breeding practices through unmatched accuracy in progesterone measurement. This precision is pivotal for pinpointing the prime breeding window, thereby maximizing the likelihood of successful conception and the birth of healthy litters. But VetChroma™ goes beyond just progesterone, offering a comprehensive testing range that includes critical T-4 thyroid health assessments, thus supporting the overall well-being of the canine.

The Diagnostic Journey: From Pre-Ovulation to Pregnancy

The Vet Chroma Analyzer shines by offering a detailed understanding of the canine breeding cycle through its precise progesterone scale:

  • Pre-Ovulation (2.0 ng/mL - 4.9 ng/mL): Identifies the commencement of the fertile period.

  • Ovulation (5.0 ng/mL - 6.9 ng/mL): Signals the onset of ovulation, with eggs maturing over the next 48 hours.

  • Post-Ovulation (7.0 ng/mL - 12.0 ng/mL): Indicates peak fertility, essential for timing natural or assisted mating.

  • Optimal Breeding Time (13.0 ng/mL - 15.0 ng/mL): Marks the period when eggs are fully matured and ready for fertilization.

  • Confirming Pregnancy (>15.0 ng/mL): Helps in confirming pregnancy and planning for C-sections with sustained elevated progesterone levels.

Empowering Breeders and Veterinarians

With VetChroma™, the power of advanced reproductive diagnostics is brought in-house, offering significant savings by reducing the need for external veterinary services. Its user-centric design ensures ease of use, making sophisticated testing accessible to all breeding professionals. This DIY convenience, combined with the analytical precision of VetChroma™, allows for real-time decision-making that is both informed and strategic.

Why Choose VetChroma™?

Opting for VetChroma™ is not just choosing a product; it's embracing a partnership in pursuit of reproductive excellence. Exclusively available at, VetChroma™ stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation, aiming to elevate your breeding program to unprecedented levels of success.


The Vet Chroma Canine Progesterone Analyzer embodies the cutting edge of canine reproductive health technology, offering a scientific and meticulous approach to breeding. Its detailed progesterone scale and comprehensive testing capabilities ensure that every breeding decision is backed by data, leading to successful outcomes and the health and happiness of canine families.

Embrace VetChroma™ for an unparalleled breeding experience, where tradition meets technology in the pursuit of perfection. For detailed consultations or to secure your VetChroma™, connect with us today. Elevate your breeding program to new heights with VetChroma™ – where innovation meets efficacy in canine reproduction.

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