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The Vyaire Medical AirLife Green Oxygen Tubing is made of durable DEHP-free vinyl that's kink and crush-resistant to prevent blockage. This gives peace of mind oxygen flow isn't compromised during therapy.

Many patients requiring oxygen therapy prefer the green color of tubing vs. clear because it enhances tube visibility. Choose from a variety of lengths of Green AirLife Crush-Resistant Oxygen Tubing, including 14, 25 and 50-feet lengths based on the user's preference. The Oxygen Tubing comes with a cuff to fit 7/8 inch connector, a universal fit for all major oxygen concentrators. Vyaire Medical also manufacturers Clear AirLife Oxygen Tubing in both short 7-feet lengths and all the way up to 50-feet lengths.

Features and Benefits

  • Color Enhances Visibility
  • Kink-Resistant
  • Crush-Resistant Tubing Lumen
  • Lumen Resists Occlusion to Maintain Oxygen Flow
  • Disposable
  • Universal Connection
  • Variety of Length Options
  • DEHP-Free
  • Long Lengths for Added Movement During Therapy

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Vyaire Medical, formerly CareFusion
  • Brand: AirLife
  • Product Numbers: 001303GRN, 001305GRN, 001306GRN
  • Quantity: Each and Case
  • Tubing Color: Green
  • Length Options: 14 Feet, 25 Feet, 50 Feet
  • Outer Surface: Smooth
  • Connector: Cuff Fits 7/8 Inch Connections
  • Sterile: No
  • Latex-Free: Yes
  • DEHP-Free: Yes
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Application: Male External Catheter
  • HCPCS Code: A4349

AirLife Green Oxygen Supply Tubing

SKU: 14ftoxgen
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