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Lead Time: Approximately 6-8 weeks

Please note, K9reproduction accepts no liability for claims resulting from variations in color, character, or finish between the online color samples and the finished product.

The "Best in Show" Single Berth Trolley Extra Long is a special order item. By placing an order for this size trolley, you acknowledge that the "extra length/extra width" does not carry any guarantee or warranty regarding weight performance for your pet. This extra long and extra wide single berth is 4” longer and 4” wider, which exceeds the optimum design size for aluminum. All Best in Show Trolleys are available in durable colors and finishes, including Veins, Hammered, Candy Colors, Shimmers, and Sparkles. Each color is powder coated and baked on in a four-step process.

Lids and floors are made of recycled, strong, and durable high-density polyethylene. The trolley folds up to only 6" for easy transport. This model features an extra floor support and front clip for added stability.

The trolleys are fitted with 6" foam-filled flat-free wheels, two of which are lockable. Each trolley is weather-resistant and features stainless steel door latches and hinges. It comes standard with feed bowl bars, fan bars, and rubber grips on the handles.

Features and Specifications:

  • Berth Accommodation Size: 39” L x 29” H x 27” D (1-door)
  • Weight: 55 lbs.
  • Overall Size: 40” L x 28” W x 37” H (from floor to top, including wheels)
  • Handles: Add 5" to the length
  • Material: Lids and floors made from recycled, strong, and durable high-density polyethylene
  • Portability: Folds to only 6" in width for easy transport
  • Wheels: Comes with 6" foam-filled flat-free wheels, 2 of which are lockable
  • Weather Resistant: Designed to withstand various weather conditions
  • Hardware: Features stainless steel door latches and hinges

Assembly and Shipping:

To avoid oversize shipping charges and keep costs low, all trolleys are shipped without the wheels attached. Assembly is simple and quick, requiring only a 3/4" wrench to secure the wheel bolts to the trolley. Detailed instructions are included.

Important Note: The powder-coated finish is not warranted against dog urine on the frame base of the trolley or the finish on the caster wheels. Urine will attack and break down the finish, causing it to bubble and peel.

Educational Content:

Dog show trolleys are essential for exhibitors, providing a secure and convenient way to transport and groom dogs at shows. The Best in Show Single Berth Extra Long Trolley offers ample space and sturdy construction to ensure the safety and comfort of your dog. The high-density polyethylene material is not only durable but also eco-friendly, being made from recycled materials. The weather-resistant design and stainless steel hardware add to the trolley's longevity, making it a reliable choice for any dog show enthusiast.


Don't forget your trolley accessories! We offer exclusive accessories such as trolley skirts, grooming arms and clamps, premium grooming mats, and a variety of other items to complete your trolley. Best in Show Trolleys and accessories from K9reproduction are the ultimate in comfort and style for you and your pe

Best in Show Trolley 1 Berth Extra Long Extra Wide

  • BIS Maximum Weight Chart for Show Trolleys

    Berth Size H   L   D Weight Maximum Weight
    1 Berth 29” x 32” x 22” 49 lbs <50 lbs
    Overall 37” x 36” x 24” 61 lbs <70 lbs
    2 Berth 26” x 26” x 22” 45 lbs <30 lbs
    4 Berth 16” x 16” x 22” 55 lbs <17 lbs
    Double Decker 16” x 25” x 18” 45 lbs <25 lbs
    Mini 4 Berth 13 1/2” x 14 1/2” x 17 1/2” 45 lbs <15 lbs
    Mini Double Decker 14” x 17 1/2” x 18” 35 lbs <12 lbs

    The Trolley design uses dividers as supports for strength vertically and horizontally. When a divider is removed the the support and strength for floors and dividers is also removed. Excess weight may allow the floors to bow thus eliminating secure fit for dividers. Weight exceeding the maximum weight limit voids trolley warranty. Extra Wide and Extra Long Trolleys are Special orders and do not include any warranty regarding weight performance. Excess weight is easy to identify as hinges will stretch and rivets will loosen under the excess weight. Purchaser assumes all risk for Special Order Trolleys.


    Hydrogroom, Inc warrants to the original purchaser that this new BIS Item is free from defects in material and workmanship. Any repairs or replacement resulting from the normal use, and the intended use that is due to faulty material and/or inferior workmanship will be repaired or replaced for one year to the original purchaser of the trolley or crate.

    Repair or replacement is at the sole discretion of Hydrogroom, Inc.

    For products currently under warranty shipping costs of replacement components, parts and/or trolleys, crates and /or tack boxes to Hydrogroom, Inc. is the responsibility of the purchaser. The shipping charges for the repair or replacement trolley will be paid by Hydrogroom, Inc. back to the original purchaser. Customer is to cover all other shipping charges, if applicable.


    The LIMITED WARRANTY does not cover

    • claims resulting from variations in color, character, or finish between the online color samples & finished product
    • damage or other product problems that result from abuse and/or abnormal use, not folding the trolley properly and abuse to hinges on trolley, crates and tack boxes
    • damage caused by neglect to keep wheels nuts tight to avoid irreversible and untended wear and tear on trolley frame
    • there is NO guarantee or warranty for weight capacity in any size trolley or crate
    • case contents, meaning anything living or nonliving inside or outside of the trolley or crate, including the pet
    • wear and tear to handle grips, trolley skirts, travel bags, divider bags, wheels, grooming noose & accessories
    • damage caused by dogs/animals to any part of the trolley, inside or out including chewing, scratching, urine, etc.
    • damaged to trolley from weather conditions or acts of God or improper storage
    • Wobbling wheels are not defective. The BIS Trolley and Crate casters are designed for a low speed application. The casters feature Foam Filled wheels that have NO air in the tires, thus eliminating the possibility of the wheels going flat. Foam filled wheels may wobble due to the uneven weight distribution of pets and items inside the trolley and/or crate OR due to a light load OR due to the floor or surface conditions

    No statement by Seller or any person by words or action shall constitute a warranty by BIS/Hydrogroom, Inc.other than as described herein. There is no guarantee or warranty regarding implied weight capacity for any size trolley or crate. BIS/Hydrogroom, Inc. will not be liable for any loss, damage or injury for the pet or the purchaser/user while using any if our products.

    You have purchased a quality trolley, crate or tack box from people who care about your satisfaction. Do not hesitate to contact the person or distributor that you purchased your best in show product from. They will then contact BIS/Hydrogroom, Inc. regarding your warranty, date of sale and bill of sale. if you have any questions and/or problems Please leave a detailed message with the info above and someone will contact you as quickly as possible.


    Your purchase is a release of any and all liability on the usage of your trolley/crate. BIS/Hydrogroom, Inc. does not assume any risk, misfortune or harm to you or your pet regarding misuse of our products including weight limit capacity. BIS/Hydrogroom, Inc. trolleys are not designed for heavy, large, destructive or aggressive animals.

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