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Attention Puppy Breeders, Small Animal Enthusiasts & Animal Lovers! 🐾

Introducing the Aeolus Model 1803 Puppy Incubator: The Ultimate Solution for Neonatal Canine and Small Animal Care!


Are you dedicated to providing superior care for newborn puppies and other small animals? The Aeolus Model 1803 Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is designed to meet your needs. This advanced incubator offers top-of-the-line features to ensure the well-being of your tiny pets:

🌡️ Precision Temperature Control: The Aeolus 1803 creates an ideal comforting environment, mimicking the nurturing warmth of a mother, ensuring every creature feels secure and cozy.

💧 Advanced Humidity Regulation: Maintain top-tier humidity levels to prevent dehydration and ensure optimal skin health.

🔎 Clear Acrylic Front Door: Continuous monitoring is a breeze! Watch your precious pets thrive through our see-through, durable acrylic door.

⚡ Negative Ion Generators: Purge the air of contaminants, ensuring each breath is clean and refreshing.

🌬️ Oxygen Ports: Compatible with oxygen concentrators, the Aeolus 1803 provides vital respiratory support for those in need.


  • Aeolus Model 1803 Puppy Incubator
  • DeVilbiss Oxygen Concentrator
  • Drive Puppy Nose Suction Machine
  • Free Nebulizer
  • Free Shipping
  • Standard 1-Year Warranty


Final Sale Notice: All sales of Intensive Care Units are final. These items are covered under individual manufacturer warranties. For specific details about the warranty, please refer to the warranty documentation provided by the manufacturer. We do not accept returns on these items.


Drive Puppy Nose Suction Machine Features:

  • Specialized Design for Puppies: Gentle yet effective suction tailored for neonatal use.
  • Optimal Suction Power: Provides a maximum vacuum of 560 mmHg.
  • Large Capacity Collection Bottle: 800 ml bottle minimizes frequent emptying.
  • Hygienic and Safe: Anti-bacterial filter and overflow protection.
  • Precise Control: High-quality vacuum regulator and anti-vibration gauge.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 6.8" W x 14.8" L x 9.8" H
  • Weight: 12.1 lbs
  • Maximum Vacuum: 560±3% mmHg
  • Flow Rate: >40 LPM
  • Noise Level: <58 dBA
  • Power: 70 Watts, AC115V 60Hz
  • Filter Pore Size: 0.027 Microns
  • Collection Bottle Capacity: 800 mL

The Aeolus Model 1803 Puppy Incubator, paired with the Drive Puppy Nose Suction Machine, ensures the highest standard of care for newborn puppies. This bundle is essential for anyone dedicated to providing the best in canine neonatal care.

🐶🐹 The Aeolus 1803: Where Every Pup and Petite Pet's Flourishing Odyssey Commences. 🐹🐶

Puppy Incubator Care Bundle - Kit 2

SKU: 1803kit2
$3,249.99 Regular Price
$2,659.99Sale Price
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