Every ICU is tested by us in office.


Refunds will only be offered for the first 30 days from purchase For unused Items. After the 30 days it is under the one year manufactuere parts warrenty.


to get a refund these products cannot be used. Due to the nature of the use of these products. Please ensure everything works before you put puppies inside. Once used it cannot be returned


The one year manufactuere warrenty covers everything on ICU. We are not responsible for fixing or repairing ICU. We can help diagnose and send parts for you to repair. Once the ICU is ordered there are no refunds past 30 days from the purchase date, due to the nature of the use of these units. Even though we hand test each one before they are send out There is always a chance of electronic faluire later on. 

If at anytime after the one year is up we will always be here to help gets you parts and help with repair to keep you going. After the one year the parts are no longer free. 



 -Automatic temperature control and settings 20 degrees C - 38 degrees C (68 degrees F to 100.4 degrees F)-Automatic humidity control and settings 40 percent to 70 percent Provides electrically charged anions (negatively charged atom) that promotes faster recovery, better sleep, increased appetite, and improved vitality for a speedy recovery.-Double-wall insulation technology for infrared radiation and carbon heating-Two antibiotic air filters for removal of incubator dust and airborne pathogens-Solenoid valve for medical treatment-Water tank made of Teflon material for prevention of bug moss-Ten-stage dimmer interior illumination control Recessed brooding tray for ease of access and cleanup-Large viewing window for ease of observation-Two BLDC fan for optimal control of brooder's condition-Elegant design and optimal space distribution-Circuit breaker for protection from overheatingTubing for humidity is included. However, a Distilled water container (is not included). We recommend using a gallon jug of distilled water for the unit. -Connections for using an oxygen concentrator available here: https://www.trueviewcanine.com/product-page/oxygen-machine-Connections for using a nebulizer can be found here:https://www.trueviewcanine.com/product-page/canine-nebulizer

Curadle Pet Brooder 90 Puppy ICU (Preorder - Shipping July)