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Presenting the Curadle Smart Incubator Pro Plus PX160 without Camera, the ultimate ICU unit for small animal care, designed for veterinary clinics focusing on exceptional patient recovery without the need for internal patient viewing cameras. This advanced unit, a significant upgrade from the PX160 Pro, offers comprehensive care for animals recovering from illnesses, injuries, or surgeries.


Key Distinctions of the PX160 Pro+ Compared to the PX160 Pro and PX160 Pro+ with Camera:

  • Advanced Care Features: The PX160 Pro+ includes a sophisticated system for oxygen concentration control and cooled flooring, which are not available in the PX160 Pro model.
  • No Internal Camera: Unlike the PX160 Pro+ with Camera, this version does not include an internal patient viewing camera, catering to clinics that prefer traditional monitoring methods.


Notable Advantages:

  • 7" LCD Touchscreen for efficient operation and control.
  • Floor heating and cooling system adjustable from -8°C to 50°C (18°F - 122°F).
  • Compatible with oxygen tanks, quickly achieving over 40% oxygen saturation.
  • Digital humidity and temperature controls for maintaining an ideal environment.
  • Infrared and UV lights for therapeutic and sterilization purposes.
  • Integrated electrical plugs and an IV stand pole for convenience.
  • Hand access door for minimally invasive treatment.
  • Multi-language GUI to accommodate a diverse range of users.



  • Model: PX160 Pro+ without Camera (PX+ICU160)
  • Weight: 126 lb
  • Power: 220-240V 50Hz, with options for international cords.
  • External Dimensions: 36"L x 20.9"W x 30.2"H
  • Internal Dimensions: 27.2"L x 18.5"W X 19.4"H (42.3 Gal)
  • Average Power Consumption: 95W


Warranty & Shipping:

  • 2-Year Limited Warranty, covering parts replacement for natural function failures under regular use.
  • Free shipping within the contiguous US, with options for international orders.


The Curadle Smart Incubator Pro Plus PX160 Pro+ without Camera is the epitome of advanced, compassionate care for small animals. Opt for this high-tech ICU unit to provide top-tier care and support the recovery of your animal patients, without the need for internal camera monitoring. 🐾✨"

Smart Incubator Pro Plus PX160 Without Camera

SKU: PX-ICU160nocam
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