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The premium option for the serious whelper or hospital. The aeolus model 1801 is a well tested puppy intensive care unit with a strong track record of reliability. Aeolus are designed with hospital use in mind. Paired with the Aeolus 2 litre oxygen concentrator and the Yuwell heavy duty suction machine, you are sure to have a winning combo to set the odds in your favor to keep your litter thriving. 


Keep your litters safe and warm with the Aeolus incubator.Every ICU is tested in office.Free shipping does not cover international or hawaiiRefunds will only be offered for the first 30 days from purchase For unused Items. After the 30 days it is under the one year manufactuere parts get a refund these products cannot be used. Due to the nature of the use of these products. Please ensure everything works before you put puppies inside. Once used it cannot be returned.


Puppy Suction Machine, quiet reliable way to suction puppies. An essential tool in the care of new born litters. Decrease  chances of pneumonia. Aid in the recovery of pneumonia.


LIFE TIME WARRANTY is only valid if the unit was purchased through us! There is no other company on the market offering this warranty. This is something we are offering to reward our loyal clientele for the support!



The Master Whelping Kit Featuring "Aeolus 1801 ICU"

SKU: MWK1801

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