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UC-2008 Benchtop ICU for Larger Animals: Comprehensive Care at Its Best


The UC-2008 ICU represents the pinnacle of intensive care specifically designed for the needs of larger mammals. Thoughtfully constructed, this benchtop model measures a spacious 143x72x76, ensuring adequate room for the comfort and movement of larger patients.


Double Compartments with Double Doors: Featuring fully isolated double compartments separated by a middle divider, this design maximizes space while ensuring individualized care for each animal.


Temperature Excellence: The unit's advanced TSAAS heating system employs a double vent mechanism ensuring consistent warmth. A special thermo bed accentuates comfort, and the innovative "Quick Air Cooling System" ensures swift and safe temperature regulation.


Versatile Lighting System: Whether you need exam white light for thorough checks or infrared light for therapeutic benefits, UC-2008 has got you covered.


Precision in Oxygen and Humidity: With an integrated O2 sensor and inlet portal, oxygen treatments are both precise and efficient. Coupled with external humidifiers and nebulizers, you can be assured of optimal humidity levels tailored for larger animals.


Safety First: An emergency ventilation portal activates during crucial situations, ensuring safety. UV light and negative ion purification systems ensure a germ-free environment, essential for recuperating pets.


Enhanced Purification: Cleanliness is at the forefront with the UC-2008 ICU. UV disinfection eradicates harmful pathogens, while the negative ion system freshens up the atmosphere. In instances when natural oxygen isn't required, the external cycle kicks in to refine the cabin air quality.

The UC-2008 Benchtop ICU is more than just a medical apparatus; it's a sanctuary for larger animals during their vulnerable times. Prioritizing their health and comfort, it stands as an indispensable asset for vets and caregivers dedicated to providing the best care possible.

UC-2008 Benchtop ICU for Larger Animals: Comprehensive Care at Its Best

SKU: UC-2008
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